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  1. Thanks Kev, I had seen Neil's name crop up before but had not made the connection with the eBay seller. Have been in touch with Neil this afternoon and my injectors are packed up and ready to post off to him. Regards, Richard
  2. Thanks Guys. It is a 1975 CR with fuel injection, fitted with a 6V coil and ballast resister. The car has done just over 200 miles since I bought it in January (the equivalent of a third of the total mileage over the preceding 5 years). The tank was filled up about 5 weeks ago with 98 RON unleaded, it has been converted to run unleaded. Also has a Bosch pump conversion. I am trying to use as much fuel as possible at the moment as I noticed the fuel filter has a lot of crud in it. The filter needs cleaning or replacing but I need to empty the tank first. Today I rewired in the Petronix unit correctly and just started the car up. It started relatively easily on the second turn of the key. But it had only been run yesterday, so probably still plenty of fuel in the injector lines. I had the bonnet open when I started the car and noticed a little bit of blowback on one or two cylinders when blipping the throttle. That stopped as the engine warmed. Tick over is nice and smooth at around 600 rpm and it is running on all six. But there is still the slightest hesitation when you press the accelerator. So the next step is to replace the coil and the vacuum hose from the manifold to MU. The hose is not in terrible condition but is past its best. I will also check the timing. I did also swap one of the injectors out as two refurbished ones came with the car. The little filter on the inlet was not in straight and the injector rattles something terrible when you shake it. So I am guessing the seals have gone and that is the reason for the poor starting when the car has not been used for a while. So I have a question. What is the best source of refurbished injectors? I can see one seller on eBay offering an exchange set for £70 + P&P https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TR6-5-LUCAS-PETROL-INJECTORS-six-EXCHANGE/143609431359 Anyone have any recommendations?
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I will change the wiring to bring it in line with the Petronix leaflet. I think I will also replace the coil as it looks pretty old.
  4. There is a different topic running at the moment regarding TR6 coils. One post from Andy Moltu states; "CRs had a 1.5ohm coil working at 8-9v with the ballast resistor built into the feed wire." I noticed yesterday that the Petronix instruction leaflet says the live feed to the system should be taken from the input side of the balance resistor. It looks like whoever fitted the system to my car did not realise that there was an integral balance resistor in the loom. They have taken the feed off the coil, i.e. from the output side of the balance resistor. Does anyone know if this is important?
  5. Three at the front look normal, three at the back look blacker.
  6. Have been out in the 6 today and noticed that when pulling away from a junction, after the car has been idling for a short while, it would only pick up on 5 cylinders. After a the revs go past 2k and the car has travelled 20m or so everything is back to normal. Engine does not seem particularly lumpy on idle. Plugs and plug leads are new and the car is fitted with a Petronix Ignitor system. The car is also a bit of a pain to start after it has been standing for a while. I am thinking it might be a dodgy injector that is fouling a plug. Anyone have any other thoughts?
  7. WOW! The four headlamp Spitfire rally car must be worth saving. It might be an original works competition car.
  8. At last there seems to be some good news regarding the availability of COVID-19 PPE. I would like to know if anyone out there can tell me if I should go for the six cylinder option or the four?
  9. I agree with Tim (I think) and it is time for everyone, in every country, to face in the same direction and give up on the pointless xxxxxxx competitions. Unless you are xxxxxxx on that xxxx Trump, in which case I am first in the queue.
  10. I noticed that the bush in the bulkhead that supports the accelerator pedal shaft was missing. The shaft was just rattling around in the hole with quite a lot of play. So I ordered poly bush 138490 from Rimmer Bros. Today I decided to fit it. What could possibly go wrong The diagram I had seen showed the bush held in position with a washer and split pin. But my pedal shaft had no split pin hole. Well it bloody well does now, job done
  11. This is the original voltage stabiliser I have just removed from my TR6. It has both male and female connectors.
  12. That is a useful video. Thanks for sharing.
  13. John, You can register for a free YouTube or Vimeo account and upload and share the files. Quality drops off a bit as the files get compressed, but they are not usually too bad. Richard
  14. I think that a 32GB memory card will store around 4.5 hours of high definition dash cam footage. Much more if you reduce the quality.
  15. Hi Jochem, I have had dash cams in my day car and my classics for years. They run all the time the ignition is on. On two occasions other drivers have reversed into me while I have been stationary in traffic. One particularly driver panicked at a traffic light junction and ended up reversing into me at speed. It was early in the morning and no witnesses. The insurance company told me that without the video footage it would have been automatically assumed to be my fault. I have also used the videos to make recordings of trips on nice roads. This is a short video from a similar dash cam in my Jaguar: Once again I would point out that the actual video quality is better than the upload.
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