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  1. WHAT !!! "Some advice often from low ranked contributors can be of doubtfull". I am sure this comment was not intended as it sounded. But this is a good example of needing to think before you press the send button. As a low ranked and recently returned member I would just like to point out that in the 1980s / 1990s I was a very active member of the Register, before it had a forum. With little external support I did a ground up restoration of a 1970 TR6 and for a time was TR6 registrar. Now after 30 years I am learning all over again and appreciate the excellent help I am being g
  2. When I bought my 6 it had one of those tall screen things. It was a hazard to low flying aircraft and looked absolutely shite, even with headrests. So I attacked it with a hacksaw and drill and now it is slightly more to my liking. My recommendation is buy a tall one and mangle it to suit.
  3. There is a tendency to crop the photos too tightly because you are mainly interested in the car. This loses the context of the landscape. You probably need to put more emphasis on the location and then introduce the car. I would point out that I am talking absolute bollocks, but it does sound convincing This picture illustrates my point.
  4. My current challenge is to get rid of the fuel smell in the boot of my 6. In addition I had noticed the course fuel filter (glass) on the outlet from the tank was full of rust and crud. I should add that at some point the Lucas pump has been replaced by a Bosch system purchased from Prestige Developments & Injection. So tank was drained; easier than i was expecting. Then with the boot trim out I was able to start removing the pump and filters. Problem number 1 - The glass bodied course filter connects to the pump but they have very different sized inlets/outlets. So the solu
  5. Hi B&T, welcome to the forum. I didn't even know there were rules
  6. On at least one receipt there appears to be a customer name, address and full Visa card number. The Visa card is probably well past it's expiry date but it's not very GDPR
  7. For what it's worth I found the like button useful, but did not understand the anonymity. Having asked for assistance on this form on a number of occasions I have appreciated people taking the time to respond. Sometimes the responses are deserving of an actual reply but occasionally you just want to show that you appreciate the response. The 'thumbs up' achieved that without creating the clutter you can now see in this thread. But as others have said, it's no big deal.
  8. "Squabble in a dustbin !" Very funny, I like that. But I have avoided using the thumb thingy as that seems somewhat contentious. Being relatively new to this forum I have noticed there are rather a lot of squabbles in dustbins. Which seems a little bit odd to me. But perhaps that is down to my lack of knowledge regarding TR Register "Forum Etiquette". I can't quite work out if you are great mates and just having a laugh or actually really do hate each other. Never mind, I will work it out eventually.
  9. Just as I completed the rebuild of my first TR6 in the late 80's I took delivery of a brand new Morgan. The TR was getting on for 20 years old and drove like a brand new car. The Morgan was brand new and drove like a 20 year old car. It looked great but was a horrible thing to drive and was sold within 18 months. I kept the TR6 for much longer.
  10. I have known a number of people who invested money, energy and blood in projects like this. Only to sell them not long after they were completed. For some people the journey is more rewarding than the destination.
  11. High quality workmanship. But when I look at the car I can't help but mentally draw up a long list of everything I would need to change if it were my car.
  12. Moss told me they are expecting to have stock in about 5 weeks.
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