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  1. I undid the six bracket bolts, then used a cold chisel and hammer to drive them off of the frame, hitting it on the top of the lower bracket. They came off quite nicely with only a minimal bit of damage to the surface but the frame had already been out so I was pretty sure that they weren’t rusted in solid and in danger of snapping.
  2. Thank you all for the advice. I managed to sort it by undoing the brackets and driving them down off the frame. Once I took all the paint off the end of the frame and put a little grease on they slip in and out nicely. I tightened down the three nuts on the crash pad first, then the tube bolts and the frame is sitting nicely, the scuttle seal seems to fit quite well, do the ends that stick out get trimmed to the edge of the frame? All there is to do now is put the dash back together and finish refurbing the dials, then move onto something else!
  3. Tried everything I can think of, stripped out the whole dash to get more access and even tried unbolting the brackets and driving them down, but still no movement. I’m at the point of thinking that I’m going to have to cut the screen frame off and get a new one! if anyone has any more ideas I’m nearly at my wits end and have an expensive garage ornament
  4. That was the plan, until I broke it! National windscreens want the frame in the car, but I’m happy to do what they want as long as they get the screen in. My main concern is the frame seems to be sitting further forward than it was?
  5. I’m after some help with refitting my windscreen surround. I have read through most of the related threads, mostly before I started the job but I think I may have a “new” problem. I took the surround off as it was beginning to look very tatty and the scuttle seal was beginning to crack, thinking that a lick of paint and a new seal would make it look as good as new - wrong! Once I’d stripped out and repaired the rotten bottom corner it came up lovely in satin black. The new seal arrived from an eBay seller as rimmers and moss have no stock until August and I set to fitting it, af
  6. Anyone have any history of my TR6? It’s a 1973 pi in pimento red which I obtained in sept last year. Be lovely to know about it’s past. thanks Martin
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