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  1. Problem resolved with partially seized calliper pistons Thanks for your ideas Alan
  2. Thanks Roger,but the total loss of pressure happens in seconds good hard pedal to nothing The callipers are refurbished so essentially new.

    1. Alan Hawley

      Alan Hawley

      Roger I think you may have hit on the problem.The callipers were new 3 years ago so plan to lubricate the pistons.Alan

  3. Alan Hawley


    I have bled my brakes numerous times with both methods pumping out through non return valve and pushing in from each corner.There are no leaks in the system,back brakes fully adjusted.All components are new.I can pump a 3/4 pedal and hold with no reduction.However if I leave the pedal for a few seconds the pedal goes almost to the floor.When holding a firm pedal all wheels are hard on and no leaks.Its a new master cylinder so what can be the problem All help welcome Alan.
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