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  1. Thanks BigBogan - will get it checked over professionally - can you recommend anyone? Mark
  2. Hi Stuart - thanks for practical advice. Is solid axle. Will check dimensions, the box mounts and invest in toffee hammer. Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi all - just to report finally succeeded in 'unseizing' engine. Helpful advice and confirmation that pistons and liners now just scrap metal, I went at it with a little more vigour. Hammer and soft wood had no effect from below, nor did lump hammer and assorted chisels from above. Finally managed it using the lump hammer on a long crow bar from below which, without too much effort, drove the pistons and liners out from below. Have yet to try to salvage con rods, but pleased to see crankshaft turned freely once released from pistons, so hopefully (touchwood), engine is not goi
  4. Hi Rich and BFG. - I can just get a ring spanner on it, but its so deep into engine casing there was no room to turn the spanner and even if managed to turn it there would be no room for bolt to come out. You have both, however confirmed what I needed to know - ie that pistons and liners are scrap, and crankshaft won't get damaged if I go at it hard. Will give it another go tomorrow or Wednesday and think I should be able to salvage conrods without too much trouble. I spotted Piston and Liner deal at TR Shop thanks Rich, but assumed if necessary I would replace with 86m
  5. PLEASE CAN I HAVE SOME MORE ADVICEE ON UNSEIZNG MY ENGINE ??? Having now got my engine out it definitely appears that it is the pistons which are seized. I had hoped I would be able to unbolt the connecting rods so that I could remove the crankshaft and so get at the stuck pistons. Of course having now got the engine out I realise I can't get to one of the bolts on each of two of the connecting rods. I'm considering three options..... 1. Keep heating, soaking, working at pistons and liners for a few more months as it will be a fair while before I'm getting anywhere near putting engin
  6. Hi Jase - budget wasn't £15k to start! ... and part of why I'm doing it was for the very experience of doing it - hopefully the satisfaction and achievement at the end (although that's looking a long way off). Also for the £15K I should get a fully restored car, whereas when I was looking, none of the cars I saw at under £20k gave me the confidence that they would require only a little work - I might end up spending well in excess of the £20k to get such a car to the condition I hope to get my US import up to. I may be living in clouds cuckoo land, but its a nice place to live - and a
  7. Thanks Pete - guess its all about getting the right perspective...
  8. Cheers Peter Hopefully Pistons out soon which will be another major step forward. Rod - thanks for constructive motivational advice, most of which I was already doing. I think current issue is that now car is mostly stripped immenseness of project has hit as there are so many jobs I could now get on with - shell, chassis, suspension, engine. Hopefully my plan to focus on chassis and shell this summer will work, and hopefully working at same time on engine, etc, will break up the monotony of the body work and enable me to see something achieved each week. Hadn't seen WreckRescue
  9. Hi Peter, thanks for quick reply. I hadn't been considering re-bored liners (unless turns out to be necessary) just assumed would get new - I think there is a bit of difference in piston price if re-bored. Will read up about it and give it a think. - don't you sometimes wish there was only one clear answer and all advice was the same! Good to hear studs OK, and will plan on light skim, valve guides and seats at machine shop. Cheers, Mark
  10. Hi all - thought I ought to post a bit of an update on my project...…. Failure of ordered crane to arrive, and struggles to remove dog bolt, (and possible realisation of immensity of project taken on), as well as arrival on Covid and impact of life generally have all delayed work on my TR4A. However time, and benefits of some conversations with other members (thanks Rich) has allowed me to think through where I am going with it, and get together a clear plan. Original objective was, in buying and rebuilding this car, to allow me to learn something new, to free me from the drain of m
  11. Thanks Pete - looks like rad seal as no separation, etc. more good news. Bits is my radiator water were just because bowl was dirty!
  12. Forgot to say - waiting on magnet - will check sump oil when it arrives.
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