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  1. zaph2

    TR7's and rust

    Interesting, so some of these might be worth a look. Not sure I would touch a car with sill rust though. As for the head problems, is there anyway of preventing them from seizing in the future once you have one off?
  2. I have confession to make, I bought into to all non-sense about TR7 worst car of all time stuff. Then I started really looking at them and when you do, you realise it is actually a pretty car. The hardtop is striking and the convertible is genuinely a looker. When you combined that with good handling and refinement, relative to other British sports cars, it becomes tempting. I keep seeing them popping up on ebay and there is the temptation. However, most of these cars are listed as bodywork good condition for age, or have rust bubbles in various places on the bodywork. Now I bought a Dolo
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