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  1. A 4 synchro box with overdrive is a little bit longer cos the front lip is a bit thicker so the rear fitting will need to be modified a bit. james
  2. On my 3A with its Revington Rack the distance from the steering wheel to the dashbard crashpad is 11cm or 4.5 inches if you prefer it. Suits me OK james
  3. Welcome to the forum. You were lucky - on my 3A the bits and pieces exited the aluminium bell housing making a considerable hole. However I managed to find everything on the garage floor and put it all back together using fibreglass epoxy. It was the split pin that had worn/broken that caused the incident.I fitted a high torque starter motor replacement. james
  4. https://barnfinds.com/super-low-miles-1958-triumph-tr3/ Needs somebody with some courage, but we have all seen worse! james
  5. I made an opportunist purchase if a 7lbs rad cap locally last year to replace my 60 year old 4lbs cap and the composite head gasket blew in a minor fashion three weeks later. Are these two events related? james
  6. Wouldn’t he have to kill the engine anyway just to use the key on the glove box to open it? james
  7. Translation of Stéphane’s post: “Hello, I also have a longdoor TR2. Original colour Pearl white. I’m looking for the colour code for pale green as I am not sure about the colour. Everything is original. I believe that Stuart recently sold me his cylinder head on the UK TR site. I am in France. Lille” (james)
  8. “Why a 2mm (0.080") Copper head gasket? Had you an issue with too muchcompression, or some exotic cylinder head rework to the chambers a 2mm (0.080") Copper head gasket? Had you an issue with too muchcompression, or some exotic cylinder head rework to the chambers” The short answer is I believe I was about to have a problem with the compression ratio. Not a big deal with pinking so long as 98 octane is available but a compression of over 200 psi plus the diminishing availability here and elsewhere of 98 octane and the removal of the ‘ead to resolve a water jacket to n°4 cylinder encou
  9. I put my 3A cylinder head back on top of a 2mm copper head gasket about two maybe three months ago and torqued it up as per the book to 105 ft lbs. It was surprising how much things had settled when I retorqued it last week after only firing up the engine a couple of times to set up the carburettors and not taking it out on the road yet. It’s worth doing it just for peace of mind and resetting the tappets - with a feeler gauge (!) - is a doddle. james
  10. I fitted complete Skinner spring sets to both seats when I refurbished them a few years ago now. I am very satisfied with them. However initially there is a sensation of sitting rather high, which either I have got used to or they have self squashed over the years with my increasing corpulence. I believe some folks have used the judicious placement of cable ties to reduce the problem. At least there are no more broken spring ends piercing my delicate skin. james
  11. Mews! Mews! I don’t recall anything as grand as that, although I do recall a greasy carpet that might have served in a chip shop Happy days, rebuild on a budget etc james
  12. Ah ! SPQR tappet adjusters. All the rage 50 years ago, never did figure out how to use them over all that time. I have stuck with the humble man’s feeler gauge. Seems to work for me james
  13. « I find it disappointing that usually the only thread being updated in Alec's inn is "he who posts last" « At the risk of making myself thoroughly unpopular with some, may I state that I fail to understand the interest in such a thread, all it does it take up storage bytes in the serveur and has little interest either intellectually or practically. I never have nor will I ever contribute to such a ridiculous theme! james
  14. Depends what you mean by handed, I suppose. The seats on my post 60000 3A are certainly directly interchangeable as I merely swopped them over - but not the frames - when I converted to LHD many years ago. The passenger seat being the folding one, ‘traditionally’, whether LHD or RHD. In terms of safety, I am not convinced about having the driver’s seat folding as well. The frames are fragile by todays standard of course, and the hinge on the passenger seat considerably weakens it, I find. I accept that things are more practical though. james
  15. « That'll be the American based spell checker that also does not know how to spell aluminium. » Nor do they know how to pronounce it!! james
  16. I fear that things are just beginning! I don’t see how these bearings can be adjusted. Yes you have to remove everything and they will have to be changed with a heavy press and then you get to adjust the shim packs to ensure thefloat is right. The WSM is pretty helpful. I’ve just been through this exercise so pm me if you need encouragement. I just hope you take a bit less time to do the job than I did! See my earlier post james
  17. I think I’ll stick with the tab washers! It’s all buttoned up now with 5 thou of float - as suggested by PW I remeasured using a pry-bar and I found a few thou more of play and reshimmed accordingly. Brakes to be fitted this afternoon james
  18. See if the French you learned in school helps you with this one! james
  19. Thanks for your help, PW. Just to raise your comfort level, the gauge is an ancient American one in thous. of an inch, which I was given some thirty years ago....because it was in imperial! The whole car is on axle stands. I have been moving the half shaft back and forwards by hand with a fair effort and clunk. I’ll try with a lever this morning. I totally agree with your opinion on the tab washers, but I am on a roll now, and would have to wait too long to get the flange headed ones from blighty james
  20. Smell the oil - you will soon identify the source, presuming you use HP in the ‘box. HP 90 has a sulphurous odour james
  21. Yes door side or it gets caught on the gearbox cover james
  22. Changed the rear hub bearings on my 3 a few months back and this afternoon managed to motivate myself to set up the float on the rear axle having scrounged an aged dial gauge and the requisite bits of meccano to fix it to the brake plate. I have never used a dial gauge before. Thickness of the original shims was 48 thou on the lhs and 31 on the rhs (!) As far as I know the axle has never been apart before in 60 years.With the new bearings and the hub held in place with 3 set screws for the moment I have 52 thou on each side giving 5 or 6 thou float, which would appear to be OK according to t
  23. 66 miles -as per the crow - if you live in France!! james
  24. No Sir it wasn’t. I think it came from a stall in Malvern. But to raise your comfort level, it is rare that something defective comes out of deepest Somerset as they really own and drive TRs.
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