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  1. Menno, this is bad luck , but unfortunately it does happen that a lobe, several lobes or cam followers weren't heat treated as they should have been. After verifying that there is no collateral damage you need to change cam bearings, cam followers and camshaft. Preferably all bought from the same supplier I have a Fast Road Camshaft from Neil Revington in my 3A and have never regretted it in 9 years. Neil is not the cheapest and has no pretensions so to be but in my view he is by far the best and in my experience, will hold your hand (virtually) while you put it all together again james
  2. My grateful thanks for these useful tips - a 24hr soak in best french vinaigre has solved the problem james
  3. Anybody figured our how to remove the temperature gauge bulb from the thermostat housing without destroying it ? james
  4. Don is right - the looms were/are made such that they do for LHD or RHD cars - it don't half make life easier when yuu convert from one to t'other as I did some years ago james
  5. When you get to France , fill up with 98 octane which is available everywhere. My experience with a modified engine in my 3A is that it always pinks a little when I fill up in UK with your 97 - when I can find it, and of course life is full of angst with the 95 which has to be used on occasion ! james
  6. Yes nostalgia ain't what it used to be - I bought my first TR2 in 1969 for £90 because I couldn't afford a frog eyed sprite, they were around £200 at that time ! james
  7. Nom de dieu You're all showing your age......... When a TR forum (and a sidescreen one at that) starts exchanging recipés then I know the end of the world as I know it is not far away. And I have lived in France for over 30 years !! Pringle must be having small ones over this acquired Gallic habit james
  8. Tony, tell us more about the Denso alternator and its fitting A change to an alternator on my 3A is one of my winter projects - when things get a bit warmer in the garage james christie
  9. My 3A is 50 years old the 11th November, my boat is 73 years old in January _ I'm still not having a lot of luck !! james
  10. If I may add my Euros worth : A fair bet is that 50% of the vacuum arrangements on our TRs don't work anyway. The theory is that the ignition is advanced when you put the foot down at low revs; without it there may be a very minor cough and splutter before the bob weights in the distributor take over. After having my distributor weights expertly balanced - thank you Carl at Revington TR - I don't even notice that I ain't got my vacuum advance any more. Bliss - one thing less to break down, and yes I have electronic ignition james
  11. Make sure the back plate is bolted up to the axle in the right position - I got it wrong some 28 years ago and the result was an interesting moment when the rear brakes locked up 'cos the hand brake cable hit the body work while going over a railway crossing at an imprudent speed
  12. Anybody driving in modern road conditions without mirrors is a lunatic. In this man's country (France) a mirror must be fitted on the left hand side of the car which can be adjusted from the drivers's seat. Without it you collect a heavy on the spot fine and lose several points off the driving licence and the equivalent of the English MOT would refuse to pass the car. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I bought mine !
  13. Well, Pringle, contrary to popular opinion I stll have all my marbles.It is to help out a friend who has bought a car in Luxembourg
  14. Has anybody got a French 'Proces verbal de réception' for a TR4A and could we have a copy please !
  15. Menno, you could be describing the seats in MY 3A !. Cracked around the bolt holes especially at the rear, rust rot etc. As for the difference in angle of the backrest - its the weight of the years on what is frankly a very primitive seat - only one grade up from a Citroen 2cv. When they were designed, England had only just left the horse hair stuffing period! New frames (both sides) were being sold at Malvern some two or three years ago - I regret now that I didn't fork out the money to buy them. If you go down the total replacement route then let us know if and where you find them - I'll bu
  16. Aren't you guys all making things a bit complicated ?. Pull the needle off the spindle and put it back where it should be ! That way you can have the over -or under, reading you want ! james
  17. Thomas - I think, these have been unavailable for some time - probably because they are quite easy to make. Try and borrow some to copy. if you can't find any I may be able to find the drawaings I made when I borrowed a set some years ago james
  18. I experienced two problems with the Lockheed axle on my TR2. (Comm 6884 where are you now ?) The half shaft braking at the inner splines - mentioned above - is well known. Purists who refuse to change to a Girling axle should always carry a spare half shaft in the boot/trunk together with a wire coat hanger to hook out the recalcitrant bit that is left once you have removed the hub. Those with memories of early Goodwood sprints will recall this operation in the paddock on John Wellburns quick black TR2 - before he flipped the car later in the afternoon T'other problem is a fairly persistant
  19. Sorry about that I have just had a senior moment with the keyboard To undo the bolts that project upwards try cutting a slot in the top end with a hack saw and thus convert them into set screws - you should be able to undo them with a hefty screw driver and a mole wrench. - I presume that you have the whole of the front end removed. james
  20. Before you pull it all to bits, just check that the brass nut on the bottom side of the steering box is not loose This clamps up the stator tube by means of an olive. Make sure that it is threaded on properly by using fingers only before tightening up with a spanner - being brass, the thread is very easily stripped james christie
  21. Hum ! Hardtops. I have one but only used it for one winter, and decided that it wasn't really worth while - leaks and more noise in the car were the principal arguments agin it. Plus our cars are meant to be driven with de roof off, doncha think ? You will be disappointed if you think it is going to keep the weather any better than a soft top. All depends on whether your car is straight and your skill in sealing the "edges" is up to it.
  22. If I may add my two pennyworth. I also have had a lead free conversion and extractor manifold fitted three or four years ago and had the same problem. My deduction (well Carl's of Revington) was that the higher flow of air was making the jets on the H6s open too quickly and the mixture too rich. He solved it by experimenting with different springs. It's near perfect now and I've got 110 horses at the rear wheels apparently
  23. Hi Duncan, I have noticed that my 3a runs a little warmer now that she's unleaded, but certainly no overheating. Sounds like your problem is mechanical rahter than chemical I find that mine is very sensitive to the brew I use and even if we are lucky enough to have "98" octane everywhere here in France , the true octane varies enormously and I almost have to retune each time I fill up or she can sometimes pink quite alarmingly. Running on is an intermittent but frequent problem too
  24. TR2 PMJ 34, brg, short door N° 6884 1955 car sold new in 1956, I was the fourth owner in 1969 when I paid £90 for it (!) Sold for £60 in 1972/3 to Ford Rallye sport rep in Banbury
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