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  1. Hi Eli, you’ve got an interesting plate there with an L suffix, yet your car is RHD!

    My 3A is t’other way round as it was RHD (relatively rare compared to the quantity of LHD cars manufactured) until I converted it to a left hooker some 30 years ago.


    ps I think you have been courageous thrashing about in the Normandie rain with 10 yr old tyres, no wonder you did a pirhouette. I did the same many years ago with ageing Michelin ZXs. I change them every six years now.....


  2. I believe these folk are the only ones who are willing to supply the gaiter only and don’t oblige you to buy the plunger (and in some case the whole solenoid)

    Why can’t our favourite TR parts suppliers do the same? After all, at least in my experience, it’s the gaiter that wears not the plunger.



  3. :mellow: I am not a time served fitter or mechanic, but I was always told to never use an olive twice

    :mellow: I think a lot of sealing problems come from the confusion between imperial and metric measurements, in particular around the 1/4 in. and 5/16in. These are 6,35mm and 7,93mm and all too easily are replaced by 6mm and 8mm, in one way or another, ‘cos ‘’that will be about right’’


  4. I stopped using Millers 20/50 Oils when they upped the price to greater heights than I was willing to pay - I used to buy it when on visits to UK, but that has stopped now of course. 
    At 35€ for 5 litres they have become reasonable again, but wait until you get delivery costs included...

    I have tried to use French oils said to be adapted to older engine use but my efforts have been negated by their refusal to communicate the zddp contents.



  5. 2 hours ago, stuart said:

    Not necessarily, they do commission some of their own parts and as they are a US seller their parts do tend to be better made than some of the parts we have over here due to their litigious customers. The problem buying from here is the import tax and VAT plus if its in the post the post office charge you either £8 extra up to a certain value and the £16 over that for the privilege of collecting the tax!



    The Roadster Factory is an excellent outfit to deal with, and -as an exception to most US suppliers - they know that a world exists outside the US


  6. I did this about four years ago and so the details of the operation have already faded into the mists of time.

    The height through which the engine has to be lifted is of course more than you expected so get it as high as you can. Jack up the sump at the front using a hefty piece of wood to spread the load around a bit. Removal of the old mountings is fairly easy. They may even fall out once loosened! 

    You’ll need octopus fingers and some ingenuity to get the fasteners and washers back into place

    *OK for disconnecting various water hoses

    *No need to remove clutch hoses

    *I don’t recall removing the gearbox tunnel - unless you are replacing the gearbox mounting as well - and yes there is plenty of ‘freeplay’

    *No need to touch the exhaust pipe

    Don’t forget to reconnect the earth strap!

    Good luck






  7. The ins and outs of British law concerning Company failures, their Administration and Liquidation is well beyond my knowledge and comprehension.

    Some observations from one who lives outside the UK and whose connection with the TR Register is a bit distant nowadays.

    In this sad story, which, it would seem, became apparent to some a while ago, it would appear that quite a few innocent Register members have been seriously stung - some for quite large sums of money.
    Through the collective initiative of a few, some managed to reduce their potential losses. This action is to be noted, because it shows a spirit of ‘inter aid’. Most of these (if not all) pro-active folk are Members of the TR Register

    Would it have been possible for the Register to have taken professional advice and to have got a bit more involved - at least in an advisory manner? After all the losers in this business are all TR owners


  8. 1 minute ago, Richardtr3a said:

    On a related topic it is best not to use a tank sealer to protect the inside of the tank

    This is not my experience, Richard. I sealed up my tank some ten years ago, maybe more, with a French epoxy solution and up to now it has worked well. No rust flakes in the fuel filter bowl! Pain in the neck to do it though....


  9. Hi John, long time no see!

    I too followed Mike Ellis and have fitted Speedi Sleeves to both half shafts. I went belt and braces and fitted double lip ruuber oil seals, with great results. No leaks on to the brake shoes!

    I’d be a bit inclined to use modern methods rather a quaint motorists’ leather solution.


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