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  1. I'd agree with the advice but would add that my exhaust seats did need replacing when I removed the head, possibly due to use of unleaded fuel. If your compression is good, seats are probably ok but I would use an additive. Regards Mike.
  2. You don't HAVE to take the injectors out, I put some thick cardboard on the near side of the engine bay, and put the complete inlet system on that side on top of it. Regards Mike.
  3. The top end of this is what I bought mine for, then I spent £10000 and 1000 hours on it!
  4. I'm sure you'll get a volunteer from here. Whereabouts is the car?
  5. As a footnote, I recently had a faulty sensor, the first replacement had a red collar and was faulty, the second has a black collar and by new normal running temperature is now nearly ¾ up not ½ way as before. It's a little disconcerting.
  6. See what you mean! Just finished mine but started with a very sound chassis and body (paint was chipped, scratched etc on every panel but almost zero tin worm) - just had to do nearly everything else. Took 13 months, would have been longer but lockdown has some benefits! Good luck with yours. Regards Mike.
  7. Hello Dave, I'd recommend getting Michelin XAS original size tyres too. I've had wider low profiles on previous 5, they do improve grip in the dry a little but XAS tyres grip very well, allow the car to handle in a more entertaining way if you push it and make parking a little easier on the arms. Regards Mike.
  8. I'm trialling swapping over the breather pipe with the tick over pipe on the air box. My logic being that it doesn't matter where the tick over valve picks up its filtered air and releasing the oil mist at the start of the air flow allows it to be shared between all 6 cylinders. So far it seems to be working well, with all plugs a nice tan colour, including 5 and 6. Anyone know whether there's something important I'm missing here?
  9. Hello Hamish, Bob has more technical understanding than I do, so is probably right but I have found that it's pretty close at 30, 50 and 70, so I'm satisfied with my adjustment. I was adjusting because it was reading under when I replaced low profile tyres with standard size Michelin. I don't know if it will work as well for you having changed the diff. If, like me you don't have the equipment or knowledge to use the magnet adjustment, and you have time on your hands at the moment, you could try it. Regards, Mike.
  10. Hello Hamish, firstly you need to get an idea of how accurate the Speedo is now using Google maps or similar and travelling at say a constant 50mph. Best to have someone help you for safety's sake to check your Speedo reading at an actual 50mph. If the reading was 44mph, you remove the Speedo, take off the back and turn the needle to 44mph from the back. Now holding the spindle steady at the rear, gently push the needle to 50mph and hey presto, it's recalibrated. As I say, this worked for me, hope it does for you too. Regards, Mike.
  11. Hamish, if you haven't sorted this yet let me know, I may have a free/easier solution which worked for me. Regards Mike.
  12. Thanks for all your knowledgeable replies. I've decided to leave them stripped. They were painted and a couple of folks had said they shouldn't be, so I stripped them, somewhat stupidly, before asking on here. I think I prefer them that way + think they're more robust + enough to to without repainting them. Just for information, I found that the tops of the tabs were the most rusty (so primed, painted and dipped in Waxoyl before installing new ones), such that quite a few snapped off as I pulled the bead from the loosened wings. This was probably because the wing joints had been well pro
  13. Can anyone advise regarding TR 5 wing top beads - should they be painted body colour or left stainless? Moss catalogue says painted but most seem to be stainless. Thanks, Mike.
  14. That looks beautiful Graham, hope mine looks as good when I finally collect it from the paint shop tomorrow.
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