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  1. I found Neil brilliant. Did the work really well, was patient and helpful when I need help with set up and sent a replacement valve free of charge when one started playing up.
  2. Hello Richard and welcome. Like you I've recently returned to TR ownership, and like you, I've had an XKR (toured Scotland in it in 2018), sold it as I had to breathe in to get in the garage and when things went wrong, I required a computing degree to fix it. Since May, I've fixed almost everything on my TR (but at least I could do it myself), hope yours is less demanding.
  3. Mike 5 fan


    Hi Paul, Assume you've checked timing and pulled off each plug lead, especially number 6 to check they are making a difference at tick over.
  4. Hi Tim, just wanted to offer huge thanks for recommending Enginuity, they are the only ones (I tried many!) who had a bearing cap saved me £110 over my only other alternative. Mike.

    1. Tim T

      Tim T

      No problem Mike. This forum is a very valuable resource from which I have benefitted enormously so it is good to know I have been able to help somebody else. Enginuity rebuild my engine and were excellent from all points of view. 

      All the best


  5. I did mine by masking the silver bits - needs patience and care - although any missed bits are easy to removed if you don't leave it too long before removing the masking tape. I just went over the black with some 800 grit paper and sprayed with tough black satin paint without primer (it says it doesn't need primer) I polished a few places with damage to the silver with Autosol and it looks like new. I have no doubt I'll have to re-polish the silver from time to time, but you would hardly notice the parts with the anodise missing. Regards Mike.
  6. Thanks Mick, rest is sorted, just needed the end cap which I have, thanks to Enginuity. I'd tried everyone you could think of to no avail, so very relieved. Thanks again to all for your input. Regards Mike.
  7. Thanks Jerry but Enginuity are sending me one, thank goodness. Thanks to all for comments and advice given. Regards Mike.
  8. Hello All and thanks for the replies. It's bearing number 3 and the last ½ inch has broken off. This would be held in place when bolted up but I would like a better solution. Enginuity say they may have one so I'm going to talk to Gerry when he's in on Monday.
  9. Can anyone help please. I bought a TR in May and have been working on it ever since! I have a broken main bearing cap and would like to try a second hand replacement, does anyone out there have a knackered block that the wouldn't mind taking a cap off? Thanks, Mike.
  10. Bent nose pliers are very helpful, I also cut a turn off the wide part of the spring which helps enormously and provides plenty of pressure in my opinion
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