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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone. I expect that a damper and weak spring would be needed for road use. The advent of oxygen sensors in exhausts might assist with tuning and needle selection. I'm still to find any literature on assembly or tuning, which is surprising if Burlen are planning on re-introducing them. Mark
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the forum - I joined to try and learn a little about DU6 carbies, which I understand were used on some racing TRs. I have a pair of these carbies and would like to find some information about their assembly and set up. No-one I've spoken to has any documentation so far. I noticed that a couple of DU6 equipped cars have been discussed on the forum and was hoping that someone could pass on some details about them. Contact details for any of the car owners would also be helpful. Thanks for any suggestions, Mark
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