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  1. Thanks for the replies, my friend was in the TR register, membership has lapsed now. I will find out some more today, but the car is a bit of a mixture of parts, so could we'll have later SU's fitted Any contacts will be most welcome. Thanks again
  2. Hello All. My name is Tom, I have been asked by a friend of mine to help get is late father's TR2 going. Firstly this car is not for sale, it is going to go to one of his family, they used to do classic rallies together. I am into classic land rovers, so have some knowledge. Anyways the 2 x SU carbs are off the engine, i have a receipt from Moss, for a carb kit HS6 aud209, I presume that the carbs are ready to go back on. I am fairly sure I can get the carbs on, and hopefully into running condition. The car has not been on the road for roughly 6 years. Would there be anyone that is local that members would recommend to bring it up to road worthy condition again. And possibly be a point of technical support if needed. Thanks for any pointers. Regards Tom
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