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  1. Roger. Arrived this morning you are amazing. Postage heavy we must find a way of reimbursing you. Definitely worth a beer or three. FYI I’m going to give this the garage who painted the car (needs a blemish removed) so be a while before done but thank you so much.
  2. Cool. Will get crawling and testing. Thx everyone
  3. Sorry forgot to ask I guess I have to try and find a green live (when ignition on only) within the harness?
  4. Thanks Rob. Fan works and doesn’t appear to be any resistance (assuming I’m using tester correctly). I’ll get a switch I guess it’s straightforward live in and live out. Thx again always so helpful on here.
  5. Hi All (me again) another little bug with my TR. I'm guessing i have the wrong heater switch in the vehicle (see image) and I'm pretty sure it isn't wired in correctly either. Currently I have a red wire (Live) coming from the wire harness connection (Ignition on) and this goes to the switch shown in the pictures (has two pull-out positions) and this then connects to a black wire at the switch which comes out as live (umm) and then connects to one of the two white wires coming from the heater itself (The other is currently just loose). So 'm pretty sure this is al
  6. Hi Peter you should be able to find me on WhatsApp or Messenger me on
  7. A better picture on rimmers part number ASM4SS
  8. Hi All A bit random but I have decided to polish up and old luggage rack I bought with the car a few years ago, and find myself in need of the brackets which hold the front of this to the boot hinges (see image). The identical rack is on the RevingtonTR website part number 516543SS, but they don't sell the brackets separately. Does anyone by any chance have a couple knocking about in the garage they would be willing to part with? Thanks Gordon
  9. thanks Roger, much appreciated
  10. Hi Roger, sorry for such a late response. did you manage to get a template for this? I have to return the car to the paint shop and thinking it would be a good chance to get it sorted at same time. thx in advance Gordon
  11. Thanks to everyone for the help and advice. Finally have the wheel back from the brother in law (NJ Kitchens) and it looks amazing.
  12. Thanks for the offer Bob, turns out my brother in law is a bit of dab hand at this sort of thing so will let him take a look first, if you don’t mind. If not then I will certainly let you take a look. I used to work in Letherhead many (many) years ago (Merityre), so maybe our paths crossed?
  13. Thanks Ralph, I have seen Astrali wheels for ca£150 but would need to buy the boss or an adapter I think as the screws are definitely different (6 vs 9). As you say mine fits the standard horn push and is certainly unique to others I have seen (no rivets showing). Not sure if this is an original or North American after market (car came from NA originally back in the 90's). I would like to get it repaired and meanwhile have purchased an old (rough looking) TR6 wheel which apparently will fit, to tide me over (Ebay £25 + postage). If anyone knows someone who could repair this, it would
  14. thanks everyone for your help. I'm going to see if I can find someone to repair this (I just don't have the proper equipment or the skill for that matter) so meanwhile I'll see if anyone has a steering wheel they will lend or sell me. Apparently TR4 to TR6 will fit. thanks again and if you have one you wanting to part with please give me shout.
  15. note to self put glass on when taking picture...it is clearly marked Astrali
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