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  1. Thanks for the reply. The box is from an original TR4a so pretty sure it’s standard. Is there any way of telling? talking to repair shop re. Damage but will contact you if I need parts. Thanks for message much appreciated.
  2. Hi All I've sadly had a bang in my TR4a and whilst it's off the road (needs new bonnet, valence, bumper and grill if anyone can help?), i'm thinking of putting the Overdrive gearbox i have into the car. So now the questions: Can i just drop the gearbox in without changing Prop and Diff? Is the Propshaft the same (I have this also) I assume the Dif is a different set up ( i have this as well)? I can obviously buy the necessary solenoid, column switch, relays and wiring harness, but have forgotten something? Is there anything i should do to set or align the OD before or after fitting? What gearbox oil would you recommend ? I need to clean and paint the old one, so what is everyone using (Prop, Diff & Gearbox) ? Many thanks Gordon PS Not my fault...
  3. Thanks everyone. Seems I now have a strategy and shouldn’t take too much to sort. Very much appreciated
  4. Ok so seems I have a choice: 1) recon/convert my existing motor ca£140+ (Quote from chap on eBay) 2) buy recon ca£200+ (seems to be going rate) 3) recon a W14 TR6 (which I have, but not sure how good it is) and rewire the loom/switch plus find 90 degree gear (anyone got diagrams for doing this) I guess option 3 is the most efficient but probably not the cheapest? thanks everyone for your time and information...
  5. that sounds like a plan. thanks
  6. thanks for the heads up, i'll do a bit of digging and get back to you.
  7. Thanks, very helpful. Love the car (see the twin)
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses. It looks like the car has the wrong wiper motor, which confirms my suspicions! I must admit the wiper does appear to overlap the windscreen and if I’m not mistaken it should have 120’ (not 130’ as RAHTR4 mentions), in addition I cannot seem to get this to park (no matter what i do), so again this seems to backup/confirm the wrong motor is fitted. The PO (always blame the Previous Owner) has rigged up the motor to swipe, but not park at one speed and this too slow to be useful. I clearly have the wiring and switch for a two speed, so it should be as simple as replacing (I guess a recon version). Does anyone have a wiring diagram at switch and motor end, so I can get this working properly? Also, any good places to buy a motor would be most helpful. Thanks again to all that responded it has been very helpful…
  9. Hi. Wonder if someone can help me. I have read lots of articles on how the wiring of the wiper motor is not straightforward (e.g. switch has no live). I’m currently trying to sort the wiring in my newly acquired TR4a and the current issues is that if the wiper motor. the wiring was somewhat haphazard in that there was a live to the switch and only one wire connected at the motor (wiper barely moved). my issue is that there are only two wires coming from the motor (despite having a two speed switch). Both look green and quick peep inside the motor does make it clearer. anyway is this a two speed motor and if so how do I wire this in from the red/green & brown/green from the switch? motor number is 75358D any pointers much appreciated thanks Gordon
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