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  1. Hello All, As regards my car not ticking over at a normal rate and from your replies to my issue I found one which was worth a try as I had already gone through the normal checks as suggested by others previously. That thread one was new parts don't sometimes work out !!!! I took off my carbs again and I reused my old butterfly's but left the new shafts. I maintained that one of the new one's was not seating properly but which one. While I had them off I cleaned and polished the interior of both dash pots and pistons. I found that one of them was sticking so I was happy to find somethin
  2. Hi, Thank you all for your quick and helpful replies to my fast idle issue. Sorry about the wrong rev number's quoted as you are correct 800/1000 is what I meant. I did initially think it was an inlet manifold leak and I did check that but it was fine. I also did a check on the vacuum pipe because my mechanic friend showed me this trick himself and that was fine also. I also had a another look at those bevels on the butterfly just in case and those are fine too and are closing as I checked them against the light in a darkened area. I did check these over a period of time. I only fitted
  3. I have a 1966 TR4A. Recently my car doesn't seem to want to idle properly at tick over. I have looked at everything but nothing appears to be sticking on the throttle mechanisms. I even took off the SU carbs to check if the throttle butterfly's were not closing properly. The idle screws are backed off completely and it ticks over at 10,000 revs. The only way to bring it down is to adjust back the distributor a tad and it then idles at 8,000 but I am unsure if retarding it like this is good for the health of the engine. This is only a recent issue but otherwise the car runs lovely and nothi
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