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  1. On 4/17/2011 at 11:14 PM, Quentin said:

    New MU fitted today, followed Neils's advice (k-raven-smith) to find TDC. Pretty simple really but I guess most things are when you kow the answer! After a worrying period of trying to start she eventually fired up. Ran for a while with idle valve removed then went for a spin,. Oh joy! Smooth as you like. Still a bit rough at idle, but thats probably throttle balance? Anyway, only went about a mile. Got home. Turned off and then restarted. Fired first time, yeehaa! However..........went back again 20 mins later. Bit of choke needed to fire up. Got 50 yards down the road and started misfiring, got worse and worse, so nursed it home. No pulse on 1,2,3 and 5. Pulled put injectors and dribbles on all of those. Christ knows how it is running at all. Visitors arrived and no chance to investigate. So I am assuming that I am crudded up and need to clean the injectors. I can't imagine it's air locking still given the great run earlier. Or could it? Equally I can't think where all the crud came from. Newly reconditioned MU. Bum :( Anyway plan a is to switch some injectors completely around. I guess if the problem moves with the injector and injector hose then I know where the problem lies, if not....err............Neil's been great so hopefully I can have a chat with him tomorrow. Elated to deflated in 30 mins :rolleyes: !

    Hi, just going through this, what method did k-raven-smith suggest to find tic for no1 (firing)?  Thx 

  2. I apologise as I may be revisiting an old subject, being a bt new to the Register I hope you will humour me.  I have purchased a Revotec electric fan, it looks pretty straightforward to fit, but I wondering as to where to install the controller.  There is space in the top hose and it looks easy to fit there.  The bottom hose appears to have a length of steel, to fit it there it looks like I would have to cut a section of the steel out, add some hose and then fit the controller between.





  3. HI all,

    I’m a recent purchaser of a TR6 and very happy to have joined the register.  It means I am a little new to all of this so bear with me.  Within my budget, I purchased the best car I could, but there are a couple of issues which I need to deal with (I think).  On my car, there is a small gap on the sill panel under the doors, at the front and back of the door.  I have marked them on the photos.  I am very conscious of water ingress and rust.  My plan was to either a) shoot waxoyl into the gap or b) seal it with a flexible seam sealer (3M or similar) or c) both of the above.

    I would appreciate any advice you have before I proceed.






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