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  1. Hi, just going through this, what method did k-raven-smith suggest to find tic for no1 (firing)? Thx
  2. Hi Dan, not sure how far you wanted to go, but there is a video on YouTube which was very useful for me, by a guy called Cheftush, he upgrades the oil in his Armstrongs and the video works a through the whole job.
  3. Thanks all, so the consensus is bottom hose. I have ordered a thermostatic (Otter) switch and the bottom hose from Rimmers, hopefully should be fine. Thanks for your help all.
  4. I apologise as I may be revisiting an old subject, being a bt new to the Register I hope you will humour me. I have purchased a Revotec electric fan, it looks pretty straightforward to fit, but I wondering as to where to install the controller. There is space in the top hose and it looks easy to fit there. The bottom hose appears to have a length of steel, to fit it there it looks like I would have to cut a section of the steel out, add some hose and then fit the controller between. HELP... Thanks Iain
  5. HI all, I’m a recent purchaser of a TR6 and very happy to have joined the register. It means I am a little new to all of this so bear with me. Within my budget, I purchased the best car I could, but there are a couple of issues which I need to deal with (I think). On my car, there is a small gap on the sill panel under the doors, at the front and back of the door. I have marked them on the photos. I am very conscious of water ingress and rust. My plan was to either a) shoot waxoyl into the gap or b) seal it with a flexible seam sealer (3M or similar) or c) both of the above. I would appreciate any advice you have before I proceed. Thanks Iain
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