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  1. Since a while there is a noise when I am driving over a bump or a hole. With the front wheels there is no problem. The sound is only there when I ride over it with the rear wheels. Can it be the rear shock absorbers? The exhaust is also properly attached. If I push the back of the car (when it is standing still) there is nothing to be heard. Only when driving over a bump or hole. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?
  2. Hi Bob, So the gauges of the TR3 will not match an early TR4? (except for the OIL and AMP)
  3. Hi Dave, nice wooden dashboard. Thanks for the pic. You have indeed all the right meters. Are your temp and fuel gauges both electric?
  4. Hi Dave, thanks for the info!! So you have also an early TR4, great :)!! I need to switch my two gauges with short needles (fuel, temp) into gauges with long needles. I am not sure that a tr3 gauge (temp, fuel) fits with my tr4. Do you have more pictures of the back and front of the gauges? So I can see what I need to have.
  5. Hi Bob. Thanks for the info. I thought the early TR4 uses the gauges (leftovers ) of a TR3. Gz Jo
  6. Hi Bob, aren't the meters on the TR3 right? It is apparently no problem to convert for OIL and AMP. My OIL just has 1 connection of the oil cable. The AMP simply has 2 electrical connections. Both without lamps on the body. What about the TEMP and FUEL? Do I have to search for TR3 meters or early TR4 meters (are they different?)?
  7. Hi Miles, thanks for the reply!! So if I can find a elektrical FUEL gauge from a TR4 (with long needles), it will work?
  8. Hi David, thanks for the reply!! The gauges of my tr4 were all short needles. I have already replaced the OIL and AMP. This works without problems. Simply take out and insert the original (exposed needles). So now I am looking for FUEL and TEMP. What do you mean with different type of 'mechanism' with different sender unit? The temp gauge from a TR3 works with a cable and sensor I think. It is not electric but capillair I think? You do have electrical water gauges . Maybe those are the first TR4 meters?
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