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  1. Way to go Tom, make your own i say
  2. just my opinion, but just get a second hand bonnet and put as many louvres in as you like, you can always put the old one back on if not happy and list the louvre bonnet on ebay and get your money back.
  3. RoyM

    Old Advert.

    You said it Tom, Words cannot express How useless they are.
  4. Just a quick question chaps, should the gearbox cover on my tr3a have a seal between it and where it bolts to the bulkhead for sound deadening, or is it just a metal to metal contact.
  5. having ones tyre stuck up the rear looks awfully like a bad case of tr3 constipation
  6. made me cry, such a shame to waste one.
  7. Great contributions fellas thanks for all the feedback, i will make the blank plate rather than weld up the holes, hopefully it will look ok but you never know, i will pop a picture on this link when done. Roy.
  8. from what i have noticed on many cars It would seem that some have both sides cut out and some cars have just one side cut out depending on if they are RHD or LHD, mine had both cut on the production line i assume that it was done just in case the factory changed the market it was intended for, though please do correct me if i am wrong before needlessly make a new panel.
  9. excellent picture. Thanks Johannes, i can get the dimensions and pressing thickness easily now.
  10. Hello again chaps, i wonder if any one can help with a picture of a post TS-6000 peddle box blanking plate, my car is a TS-76000, and the peddle box blanking plate on mine was just a flat off-cut of steel cobbled together by a previous owner, i know that they differ between models with the pressing. and yes i know i could buy one but as i can move steel i thought i would give it a go.
  11. wow, sweet looking TR3a kiwifrog, thanks for the input.
  12. Thanks for the posts, i am sure that a latter g/box would be an improvement, i would just prefer the car to be in it's original spec, i am not obsessed with originality as somewhere in the cars life the original g/box went A.W.O.L so it will never be a complete original car.
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