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  1. Hi Richard. I replaced the motor in my heater earlier this year. I think the board looked ok in the motor I replaced, If you're interested I can dig it out. Your'e welcome to it no guarantee it will work but might be worth a try. Cheers Stephen
  2. My son driving my car for the first time on Christmas day.
  3. Hi Guys Does anyone by chance have a copy of these pictures to hand as I don't seem to be able access them. Many thanks Stephen
  4. Thanks guys it's all making much more sense now. I'll omit the non standard washer switch from my new dash and look to put it back to how it should be. Many thanks for all the comments. Stephen
  5. Hi Guys I guess on the CP cars the headlights are controlled from the column with this switch https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-142579 and the washer switch should go in place of my current headlight switch? Thanks Stephen
  6. Hi Rich I appear to have a CP dash and CP instruments (Black bezels and needles that point down). This is the old setup I've removed with the round silver button operating the washers. The wiper button is the only thing on the dash with a silver bezel and all 4 terminals are occupied. I'm trying to work out if the separate washer button is stock, I thought by the look of it not but could well be wrong. I'd like to make my new dash stock if possible so am planning on leaving out the round washer button and perhaps relocating it until I work out what should be operating the washers. S
  7. Hi Guys I've a 1972 CC converted to RHD. I'm making a new wooden dash out of burr oak on a ply backer at the moment. The car has a rectangular wiper switch with 4 connectors, it also has a separate round push button switch to the right of the wiper switch that is used to operate the washers. The push button for the washers doesn't look original to me but I could well be wrong. I'm reluctant to cut a hole for this washer switch in my new dash if originally it wasn't meant to be there. I've seen the round wiper switch does also operate the washers. How do washers work on a car with a r
  8. Stephen H


    Hi Keith Don't loose to much heart I now own that car I think it was purchased by a dealer sold to the friend of another TR register member then acquired by me a month or so ago. I paid a lot more than £9,900. It is indeed a sapphire blue. Stephen
  9. Hi Stuart Thanks that matches what I see on my car I also have the bracket on the dash to mount the lever to. So I think once I've all the parts I can put this all back to how to should be. Cheers Stephen
  10. Hi Waldi Thanks I had a look at the flap earlier the back edge is binding a little on the scuttle so I've removed it and I'll need adjust it so it operates smoothly. I do see a hole in the bulkhead that looks to be in the right spot. I'm going to lube up the hinges and get it to operate smoothly without binding then install in the rod. Many thanks Stephen
  11. Hi Stuart That's brilliant thanks. My working fan as turned up so now I can start rebuilding the heater and re-instating the lever. Many thanks Stephen
  12. Hi Guys Many thanks for all the posts. I'm new to the TR register, TR ownership and this forum and I can see the forum is going to be a godsend. I'm not sure where the lever fits I assume to the H frame somewhere? If anyone has a picture of the levers position that would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  13. Hi Mike. I can see what you mean about that spring when I try and open the lid from the outside it does feel like a very strong spring. At the moment I've removed the heater unit as I'm cleaning it up and try to fix the motor (I'm waiting on used one arriving in the post). I need to reinstate the rod and the lever. I'll let you know how I get on and if the rod works or not. Cheers Stephen
  14. Hi Conrad At the moment I'll need to pick up the rod and all the rest of the parts that fit inside the cabin. So pat 616333 is definately one I'll need and if you have one you'd can spare then that's great just ping me how much you'd like for it. Cheers Stephen
  15. Hi Roger That's great thanks I'd spotted the rod in the first diagram, the second diagram is just what I was looking for. Very much appreciated Cheers Stephen
  16. I have a CC 72 TR6 converted to RHD. The car has a lid on the scuttle air vent but currently has no way to open the lid. I can see diagrams on rimmers/moss that show a rod that passes into the cabin to open/close the vent lid. I can't find picture or information on what operates this rod. If anyone is able to send me a picture or any other details on what operates the rod that would be very much appreciated.
  17. Hi Guys Many thanks for the reply. I had read that the heater wasn't very effective so I'm not expecting much from it in use. I'm just looking to get everything on the car working, it's probably more about spending time working on the car doing my little bit to improve it and keep it going than anything else. I've found a used replacement so will try that first if that's no good I may well be in touch Alan if that's ok. Many thanks Stephen
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