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  1. Hi Richard yes the boot light still works. My glovebox light was missing so I had to separately wire that up. Regards Stephen
  2. Hi Richard I have a 1972 CC car and they are for the interior light. Regards Stephen
  3. Hi William I can't measure the ride height at the moment as the car is on stands. This is a picture will hopefully give you an idea of the ride height. Regards Stephen
  4. Hi William Thanks that's very helpful on that basis I think I'm going to assume that they are standard springs and leave well enough alone then. Many thanks Stephen
  5. Hi Guys Thanks for the replies. If someone had said that this spring was much much stiffer than a standard one I would be inclined to save my back when going over potholes and switch to a comfier riding one. Maybe I best to go with the if it ain't broke don't fix it approach and continue with cleaning up the parts and surrounding chassis and replace the bushes. Cheers Stephen
  6. Hi Guys. I'm cleaning up the rear suspension and fitting new bushes at the moment. I wondered if this rear spring is a standard one? It's 285 mm long and the rod is about 13mm in diameter. The spring is marked with Green and Red paint. At some point in the cars past it's been fitted with Spax adjustable shocks and I wondered if stiffer springs have been added. If they are stiffer I'll probably put some standard ones back. Does anyone know what type of spring these are please. Thanks Stephen
  7. My car also has the U suffix and it is a June 1972 left hand drive car.
  8. Hi Richard I found a used motor on eBay it needed a good clean up but worked. It was an identical looking Smiths motor, it had a different fan blade but bolted in place nicely. My resistor is shot so I've only one speed. There are a few on eBay at the moment this one looks the same as the one I got https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Smiths-Motor-Fan-Overhauled-New-Brushes/202893155458?hash=item2f3d5fdc82:g:LU4AAOSwn~JeKaBb And other one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-SMITHS-HEATER-MOTOR-FHM-4322/324060366970?hash=item4b7380c87a:g:~WgAAOSw63teNXbp I think mine cost a tenner so took a chance on it working which it did. I've found the board just send me a private message if you'd like it. Cheers Stephen
  9. Hi Richard. I replaced the motor in my heater earlier this year. I think the board looked ok in the motor I replaced, If you're interested I can dig it out. Your'e welcome to it no guarantee it will work but might be worth a try. Cheers Stephen
  10. My son driving my car for the first time on Christmas day.
  11. Hi Guys Does anyone by chance have a copy of these pictures to hand as I don't seem to be able access them. Many thanks Stephen
  12. Thanks guys it's all making much more sense now. I'll omit the non standard washer switch from my new dash and look to put it back to how it should be. Many thanks for all the comments. Stephen
  13. Hi Guys I guess on the CP cars the headlights are controlled from the column with this switch https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-142579 and the washer switch should go in place of my current headlight switch? Thanks Stephen
  14. Hi Rich I appear to have a CP dash and CP instruments (Black bezels and needles that point down). This is the old setup I've removed with the round silver button operating the washers. The wiper button is the only thing on the dash with a silver bezel and all 4 terminals are occupied. I'm trying to work out if the separate washer button is stock, I thought by the look of it not but could well be wrong. I'd like to make my new dash stock if possible so am planning on leaving out the round washer button and perhaps relocating it until I work out what should be operating the washers. So am interested on what operates the washer on a true UK CP car any help or pointers to much appreciates Cheers Stephen
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