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  1. Graham is not alone. My (hydraulic) brake switch now only operates the lights when I press the brake pedal quite firmly. So I have a new switch ready to fit. It will be the THIRD in eight years. This switch is widely used across the Triumph range and on MGB and others- one variety with lucar connectors and the early one with screw electrical connections. Enquiring at Moss I understood they had 60 plus in stock. Now you don't carry stock at that level unless there is a high turnover. So I have little faith that my shiny new switch, Pt No 13H2303, in its shiny Intermotor box will last any longer than its predecessors. I like the look of Tom's mod. Perhaps next time. Phil
  2. Thanks to everyone for their advice. I will probably choose to live dangerously by leaving the tunnel intact when replacing it. It's a story we have all heard before. The original solenoid survived 50 years of neglect and abuse and kept going until failing (the switch on the top of the solenoid itself) a year ago. Shortly after I had planned a gearbox rebuild so a new solenoid was fitted at the same time. After less than six months overdrive operation became intermittent. It took months chasing with a meter before the fault persisted long enough for me to actually find it- intermittent loss of continuity in the solenoid itself. So now I have another new solenoid which shows the correct resistances, ready to fit. However all these replacement parts, some in shiny green Lucas boxes, don't seem to have the quality of the originals. Perhaps Joe Lucas wasn't the Prince of Darkness after all. At Stratford this weekend I will watching out for any New Old Stock items should they exist. Thanks again- over and out. Phil
  3. Thanks to Graham and Tom. Not the answer I had hoped for so it's a case of getting the tunnel out. Best wishes, Phil
  4. The fairly new overdrive solenoid on my TR2 has gone open circuit. I now have a replacement and a few spare set screws in my hand. However access from beneath to the fixings is very restricted unless you have the fingers of a fairy princess. This may be a forlorn hope but has anyone experience of replacing the solenoid without either dropping the gearbox or removing the transmission tunnel? If so please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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