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  1. Went well, battled it out against a mid 70's 3lt 911 and came out on top. Tyres are Protenza re11s
  2. Took the 6 out for takeaway and couldn't resist a pic.
  3. Thanks Chris, I don't have the correct wheel nuts. Guessing I will have to buy a set from the usual UK suppliers.
  4. Can someone explain how the plastic centre hubs fit. They have springs on the back that look like they should tension up with the wheel nuts. But my wheel nuts look like they would pull straight through the plastic straight away. Maybe I have the wrong lug nuts or are they supposed to run washer/spacers to help pull up the plastic centres.
  5. Thanks. Yes I believe the engine was built for the car. I have limited info on it but it's PI, and was told it had the following, tr5 cam, roller rockers, stage 2 head, ported and gas flowed, electronic ignition, cooling fan deleted( thermo fan installed) and what looks like a fairly decent set of stainless extracts into single stainless exhaust of a large diameter. The fuel pump in the boot is listed as mid 70's porsche 911 by the numbers on it?
  6. Can anyone direct me to information on MM prefix engines. My PI tr6 has an MM44873HEA number. I am trying to get information on this engine.
  7. They are period 1970 indicators! Just reimagined!
  8. Never liked the gigantic front indicators, so mounted some smaller ones in the grill. No cutting or non reversible work done, and have only yellow taped the old holes. The new smaller ones are much brighter than the old large! I like how it is all lined up at night also.
  9. I have 195/65's running at 28psi and steering is perfect. Have had 205/65's and didn't notice any change.
  10. Fitting up some wire rims I bought off gumtree for $600.
  11. Thanks everyone, the system was in place when I bought the vehicle. By the sounds of things I should do some checking into the hoses used etc to avoid any potential hazard. Cheers.
  12. Mine have a metal face ring and you bend out 3 or 4 little metal tabs and it comes off. A bit tricky getting behind the tabs as they are pressed very tight, but I very fine metal spike got behind them.
  13. I have a Bosch 0580254985 fuel pump that is making a very loud whining sound. Does anyone know if they are rebuildable or is there a replacement pump available.
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