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  1. I agree on both. I made the spoiler purely because I could, not because the car needed or wanted it. Too much time on my hands lol! Like the saying goes, I got so caught up in doing it because I could that I didn't stop to think if I should!
  2. Nothing that technical! I just read an old post about if anyone had made or fitted one. I found a pic of one fitted to a group 44 track tr6 but nothing else, so I glassed one up because I had some spare time and I like a challenge.
  3. I made a rear wing/spoiler. Not sure if I will use/fit it, but now I have made it I can make more if anyone is interested.
  4. Sorry if this has been covered before, but what would be the advantage of swapping Universal joints for CV joints in the final drive shafts? My understanding is that Universal joints have been used in pretty much all vehicles without issue.
  5. Aarhus tr6, I worked out about 18lt per 100km when driving with gusto!
  6. Thanks for the info everyone, the new toy will take some getting used to is my guess! I will run the numbers given re fuel use and see what I come up with. Thanks for the enthusiastic and informative welcome.
  7. Hi, I am a new member. I am in Australia and have recently purchased an American 71 bodied tr6 that has been swapped to rhd. The engine is a MM44873HEA. It is fuel injected with electronic ignition. It has tr5 cam, roller rockers, I was told it was balanced and ported? It has a lsd and tube shocks. Has been lowered with gas shocks stiff springs sway bars front and back. Nissan 300zx ventilated discs and 4 pot calipers. It has electronic overdrive on the stick for 2nd,3rd and 4th. It has minilights with 205/65r15 front and back. Bosche fuel pump and an alloy fuel tank. It has extractors into a single 2 and 1/4 stainless exhaust(very noisy) It has a roll bar and came with 4 point harness. It has no fan, but has thermo fan fitted. It drives great but is very thirsty and a bit snatchy when driving around town.The car had been stored for a number of years and I am sorting out its needs. Are these normal upgrades and is it ok to just drive as a day car??
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