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  1. Went back and checked everything I had done previously, plugs/gaps, points gap, etc etc, still wouldn't start. Put the old condensor back in without changing anything else and car started on the button. Put new condensor in and wouldn't start again. I know that after running for a while with the old condensor that the backfiring will start and car will eventually stop, but didn't expect that the new condensor would be worse !
  2. Started it up, and ran it up to normal temperature, started to miss and eventually cut out - usual symptoms. Changed condensor and points - started on the button. Ran for 20 minutes to reach normal temp, no misfire, no probelms. Stopped and restarted a few times perfect. Left it for 20 minutes ready to run down the road to test, started OK, then misfired and cut out. Now doesn't start. Fuel pumping well, so now carbs ?????
  3. Condenser arrived yesterday, about to fit the new one . At the same time, I will check all of your other suggestions. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  4. Thanks everyone. Ordering condenser from distributor doctor. Watch this space.
  5. Forgot to mention, before I moved back from the US 2 years ago I fitted a new gas tank and had the carbs rebuilt by Glenn's British car repair St Petersburg FL
  6. My US spec TR6 (Carbs, Not P.I. ) developed a fault recently. When warm it will sporadically backfire, lose power and stop. Aftercooling down it runs as if there was nothing wrong. This can happen afer 1 mile or 20 miles. Yesterday after 1/2 mile it backfired, ran lumpy for a couple of minutes then was perfectly fine. It's really difficult to identify the cause when the symptoms are not always present. I have changed fuel, fuel filter, fuel pump, distributor cap, rotor arm, points, plugs, and coil to no avail. Ordered new condensor to fit next weekend. Any more suggest
  7. Most gas in the US has Ethanol, but luckily here in Florida there are many outlets for Ethanol free used mainly in boats, but great for LBC's !!!
  8. Update on my car. Unloaded in Milton Keynes today. Cf rinkens and shipmycar.co.uk between them did an excellent job. even though my TOR was over 12 months old they managed to get it accepted so no duty it tax to pay !!!!
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