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  1. Alec, Registered design you have to apply for, copyright is automatic. Copyright is therefore much easier than registered design, patents etc. I would not be trying to get a registered design or patent on something which is basically a suitcase. Whilst the case may be similar to the original there are significant differences including shape, size and materials. On their own, none of them will be unique, there is nothing new under the sun as the saying goes. However, together they form a unique object which I do not necessarily want others to copy and which I have correctly stated, i
  2. Lets see if this image link works, as it won't let me post a l;ink from facebook. Nope, won't let me post a link from Pinterest either! http://gb.pinterest.com/pin/136374694941360370/
  3. Thank you Menno. Much appreciated. If you're on facebook you can look at leatherwork by my wife and I at http://www.facebook.com/evancliffeleather (hopefully, again, that link works) and we have a website planned for the near future... Also on a triumph theme... Take a look at this photo: https://www.facebook.com/evancliffeleather/photos/pcb.145925845607357/145925752274033/?type=1&theater
  4. Well folks, I know I've been quiet since getting all the information... Well, I've also been busy. I've made the first of a two case set for my TR from leather. it's based on the information I've been given, but is in no way the same as the originals, though it does of course follow similar lines. I can't seem to post photos directly here, so I've added quite a few to pinterest, and hopefully the link here will work. I've posted quite a bit about the case on a few facebook forums as I've gone so some of you may already have seen it there. The case has been designed so that very li
  5. Actually, I was told recently that petrol now goes off much quicker than it used to... octane rating wise anyway...
  6. Ah, OK... I must be having a dim moment... A whole load of TR bits and pieces have arrived today so it's a bit of overload! In that case I might as well check this one over carefully and see if it will do... returning it will cost me as much as the knob itself!
  7. Bob, The "new" knob arrived today and it does not have the word "vent" on it and it defo looks plastic rather than bakerlite. Assuming from your post earlier yours does have "vent" it on there, therefore I'd like to purchase the one you have. Can you let me know total with P&P please, or did the £5.00 incl;ude that already? I'll PayPal you the money when you come back to me, providing the knob is still available... Cheers.
  8. Well, I've managed to find a very very (read as identical) match for the discontinued vinyl used to re-trim my TR. I've ordered a couple of meters of it, which is more than I'll need, plus I think some of the vinyl on the rear panel will be salvageable as well... Should cover any future disasters... Thank's to Rod (Rodbr) I now have a lot of dimensions of an original panel and will be able to fabricate one to match with relative ease... he says... Can't believe a so called professional that came recommended made such a balls up of a job during the re-trim when he had my original panel t
  9. My profile picture is "grabbed" automatically from Facebook. The one at the moment shows me with my Stepdaughter Em on the way into her wedding... The campervan took the mother of the bride (Wendy) and the bridesmaids, while my other stepdaughter's partner took Em most of the way in my 2004 MR2, and then we swapped her into the 1954 TR2 for the last little bit of the journey... All three cars are in the picture, the campervan was hired for the day...
  10. Hey... don't want to make the car look like new! Patina.. that's what we need!
  11. I've already sourced one Rob, but the one I ordered was originally a second hand one so I was hoping Bakelite... However, they've contacted me to say it's actually going to be a new one they send instead, so I think it may be plastic... If your vent flap poull knob is brown with age then I think it is likely to be bakerlite, do you think that is the case?
  12. Email address is my work one and on website, literature etc. etc. That's why I used that one rather than my personal one... but will do.
  13. Rod, please use [removed] . Greatly appreciated. I have received a lot of useful help with every question I've asked recently after a long absence from the forum. Thank you one and all!
  14. I wouldn't dream of making threats of visitations Alec...
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