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  1. I went to my garage today just to see if adding clutch fluid to my clutch problem would help, I did not expect it to, and it did not. While I was there I decided to take photos of my hardtop brackets which I had made by my friend Steve. Mick.
  2. Hi John How determined are you to get part no: 625312 bracket roof to body side RH, we know they are as rare as Hen’s teeth. As you live in Australia I decided to telephone The TR Shop 16 Chiswick High Road London. (+44) 020-8995-6621 info@trshop.co.uk www.trshop.co.uk Although I mentioned them before I did not think, as you live in Australia you may think it would be a long shot. I spoke with a very helpful gentleman Lucas, before he gave me the price he warned me they were expensive which I already knew. They will have a lot of over overheads like all businesses. Und
  3. Hi pjc615ukuk The answer to the question is in your photo. Part no: 625311 bracket roof to body side LH. Part no: 625312 bracket roof to body side RH. I can 100% prove this I will attach part of my invoice from The Roadster Factory 07/06/17. You are able to read just about poor light, 625311 1-09 T6 LH bracket hard top mount $17.97 I will also attach a photo of my LH bracket I hope you can see part no: 625311, so even back in 2017 I could not find off the shelf from the suppliers I tried part no: 625312 RH. Mick.
  4. Hi pjc615ukuk Your sentence below made me laugh, you referred to yourself as doh, I would not, I know you eventually found out you did not need them, but I think you did very well to find one for £20 on eBay, you must know they are as rare as hens teeth, not so sure about £50 for a bent one. Do you know if it worked, you may not if you already had them fitted, they are cast at an angle see below, so not sure if it would have worked. When I was looking the TR Shop wanted a lot more money, but that is supply and demand so I had a pair made. I was only able to find the one bel
  5. Hi Paul I also have a CTEK Multi XS 3600 battery conditioner, it is now a little old but it has been on a car for at least 10 years and the car starts with the first turn of the key. I think a London group member mentioned a Lidl's special deal battery charger/conditioner, it was an excellent deal, although I have not had a need for it yet, it looks a good bit of kit, I bought it to replace a battery charger that although still working is at least 50 years old. Mick.
  6. Hi super6al Unfortunately I am out of action for a couple of weeks so can't go and have a look yet, and 3 months before I am fit enough to do the work but will thanks. Mick.
  7. Hi John and washi I was typing my reply when your reply's came in. Hi Mick. I stand corrected . I had a sneaking suspicion it may not have been made in Australia, should have done my research first, but I expect it was constructed by Australians, my humorous point was supposed to be the bracket is very easy to make, I better stick with the day job O I can’t I am retired. In 2019 I was lucky to spend 9 weeks travelling thousands of miles on the Indian railways, sorry British railways . Don’t know why I still have a sense of humour with a broken clutch. Unfortunatel
  8. Hi washi what are you curious about, hope I can help. If it is the look of the part, most TR experts would be hard pressed to spot the difference, but the black powder coating could be a give away, unfortunately if that is your question, my garage is away from my house and I am not able to go for a while, but I am going to take a photo of this bracket next time I go, this has come up before. Mick. Hi John I think to make some more would be a good idea if not to expensive, although most people do not seem to like hardtops, and I think most people who have hardtops almost never u
  9. Cheers John L As I have posted before I expect it to be the original clutch. I am about 95% sure it will be gearbox out. I am not going to be able to work on my car for about 2/3 months. I do not expect it to work but I will do the hydraulics first, and then gearbox out, as any one knows who has done this job before, you spend a lot of the time getting access to the gearbox and then refitting it all, I wish the job could be done from under the car. My attitude is when something is broken just get the job done, no big deal. Mick.
  10. High John L thank you for your reply. I did a better inspection and wrote this sentence. (My biggest problem, it did not matter if I was in 1/2/3 or neutral the car would roll very easily as if it was in neutral all the time.) What did you have in mind thank you. Mick.
  11. Hi John as a carpenter I did quite a good drawing which my friend used to make a pair for me. My brothers friend Paul who is very good in many different areas produced this very good cad drawing for me after, for future reference. I am fairly sure looking at your previous posts you are good around TR'S. As you can see from the original it is cast, but as harrytr5 eludes to it is very easy to make, and is by engineering standards very crude. My friend cut a flat piece of metal to look like the pigs ear shape and drilled the holes, and then cut a short length of standard bar
  12. Hi RogerH I know you well from the Rose of York, you even passed me when I was waiting for a bus to go to Richmond train station and I told you one of your rear lights was not working. Unfortunately even if the London group and you were at the Rose of York this Thursday I cannot make it but hopefully will see you soon all the best. Mick.
  13. Thank you RobH. I would not replace the clutch without this update if required, which I am also sure will be needed. Thank you for the link above I found the link on the forum but it would not open, yours has great. Mick.
  14. RobH thank you again. I am resigned to gearbox out, as I replied to NTC the car was restored and converted to RHD by a cowboy who eventually went into liquidation, but now trading again, not a Triumph specialist luckily, but in general still a good car. I am almost sure he would have used the old clutch even though he had to fit a new NOS block, 99% of car restorers would have replaced the clutch, I expect him to be the 1%. I know the basics of fitting a clutch and the hard manual work required, Paul knows the technical requirements so between us not a hard job, we have a
  15. Thank you all for your help so far, rather long but I know the more information I can give, the better chance you have to help me. I very rarely drive my car, but the last time was only about a month ago I drove a very short distance only a mile or two to warm the car up, on a very nice dry day. I think even that day the clutch pedal seemed a little hard to start with. I only did a very quick inspection yesterday in a dim garage and I am afraid my information was not to accurate so I will now do a better update. Firstly yesterday I started my engine and then tried to engage
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