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  1. Hi all, driving back from TR6 day today at Wroxall ( fantastic day - thanks to all involved ) and car suddenly surges up to a range of 3000 to 4000 revs and will not return to normal -luckily I was only 5 miles from home but the car basically drove itself home and I did not have to touch the accelerator! I was busy braking and switching between 2nd and 3rd just to try control it ! when I got home I cut the ignition and then re-started - the engine immediately went to 3000 rpm in neutral. i have no idea what could cause this but can only say I did make rare use of my overdrive today as if was a long motorway journey - could that be the problem ? any help greatly appreciated thanks Geoff
  2. Thanks guys , much appreciate all the advice
  3. Hi all my alternator died this weekend - it’s a standard original Lucas - I was about to buy a like for like replacement but have read that I should buy a non standard upgraded replacement instead - I am hoping to fit myself - any advice appreciated thanks Geoff
  4. I am trying to trace the above car which I owned during the early 80’s - any help greatly appreciated! many thanks
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