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  1. The dashboard looks a nice one. well done on the progress. Pete
  2. Gets my vote on the TR6 - I feel they are very befitting a 1970's car. Such fashion accessories in trim, details like number plates, and of course the car colours, tended to be different before and subsequent to that era. Pete
  3. Cheers Laurent, certainly hoping for reliable miles and minimum of things to have to deal with. And then in time I'll venture further and further. Katie is not running hot without the card. The gauge typically reads between 1/4 and 1/3. The sound of the engine and exhaust and the feel of the engine and engine bay support this. I have a plastic TR6 seven-blade fan fitted and that draws the air through the radiator many times better than the original aluminium bladed fan ever did. The radiator and whole cooling system has been drained and flushed numerous times (while the engine is r
  4. Not at this time Stuart. I have reasons for that, but agree with closing the fuel tank off from the interior ..and at the same benefiting from additional body stiffness offered by a rear firewall. Pete
  5. Thanks Pete Gareth, I've no problem with others not sharing the same good taste as I have ! I like the green carpets, save the less-than-invisible patchwork around the gear-change gaiter, although I'll concede that this colour of carpet is better viewed from inside the car (..than when seen as a background for the black seats). Conversely, I thought the black carpets, which were previously in the car, looked good (..aside from them showing every speck of dirt & countryside dust) from outside the car, but were dismally gloomy when sitting within. I trust you'
  6. Thank you Gentlemen, It's good to get Katie back on the road, although at present I have more mistrust than trust - and so am constantly on the alert for issues. And of course if your focused on finding a problem, inevitably you will. And the more you drive, the more you'll find. Yesterday afternoon I drove across to Bawdsey Quay, locked my bag in the boot of a car whose agreed insurance-value is close to double my annual income, and walked away anxious that someone might touch the car. And so what if they did ! ? . . . Get over it Pete, it's not a Fabergé egg.! The mi
  7. ^ been there on a very busy motorway section with no hard shoulder - when 'the modern' suddenly went into limp mode ..caused by a faulty sensor on the throttle pedal. It's not an experience I'd choose to repeat.
  8. I don't know if it's pertinent to your needs, but because I felt the bent bit of Victorian plumbing looked like.. well tbh.. a bent bit of Victorian plumbing - I left it off. The old heater control valve had rusted away and so, on the recommendation of contributors to this forum, I ordered one from the US. And as that screwed straight in to the block, we might only presume the bent bit of plumbing has the same size and pitch of female thread as this TR4 cylinder head. Pete p.s. in fitting this new control valve - I was obliged to ease it (bend it up a touch) over the cyl
  9. what's next ?? .. indeed . . . Take her for a drive, away from demanding traffic conditions in the Suffolk countryside ..and then stop to check that all is well (it was). ^ the sill is yet to be repainted, and there are a hundred other jobs still to do, but hopefully now Katie will be a driver on which I can spend a few hours here and there to potter around doing, inbetween my finally enjoying driving a TR4. I like not having the bumpers on and the pressed steel wheels. To my eye's she looks a purposeful British sports car ..and less a boulevarderie. In response to Kat
  10. . . . (re)fitting carpets and seats. I'll try to keep this brief, because it's not applicable to most owners or restorers ..because I've fitted used carpets that were not previously in this car. I bought this set from Conrad (aka OpenRoad) a while back ..and they were in good condition ..regarding minimal wear &/or sun degradation, but they had also been crudely cut when previously fitted, and then also suffered a little damage when removed as a result of their having being glued & screwed down. These had in places pulled tuffs out. This is no reflection on Conrad who was transp
  11. Thanks Gents, I'm very happy with the oil-pressure warning lamp's position and with the indicator tell-tale now being below those. They work for me and I wouldn't have thought most non-TR4 / TR4A owners would even notice these positions as being non-standard. As of yesterday, Katie is back on the road, and I harbour no second thoughts as to their positions. Of course with my being unfamiliar with driving a TR, and with Katie having been off the road since September (when Mathew kindly came down from Norfolk to help adjust the tracking) - I'm also closely watching the gauges. But ha
  12. Surely not ..for the starter motor, or the battery and its wiring, especially if the car is often used for short runs. Nor, I suspect, is it good for the engine which relies on oil-splash to lubricate the bores and many other interacting components. As I understand it.. engine lubrication a balance of both pressure and flow rate. An engine which starts easily and has a good oil pump will pressurise the oil within all its galleries almost instantly ..while the engine is under very little load. From the rate of spin / centrifuge - there will be good oil splash (intensive spray) an
  13. It's been a long time but it had to happen.. Katie seen in this particular topic. ! First trip out in Katie for a very long time (seemingly with many of those hours / days with my being under the car or else inverted in the foot-wells). After a final check, the intent was simply to take her around the block.. but she was driving so quietly and smoothly that I found myself over at Suffolk Water Park. That was just a round trip of 20 miles ..but it's streets ahead of where we were a month ago. Pete
  14. Hello Henk, I fear that, particularly with the temperatures involved, the thermal expansion of alloy (ring) will be greater than that of the steel (drum). And that unless, during your fitting it as an interference fit, you exceed the maximum temperatures likely to be encountered - then in practice the ring (save the face which is screw fastened) will be loose when it is hot. Naturally any gap inbetween the two components will negate any strength that may have come from banding, and also compromise the heat transfer. Perhaps it may be of interest.. Not so many years ago I restored a 1973
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