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  1. Hi Conrad I live in Heswall. I have sent you an email
  2. Hi John If it is the cartridge type, I have stripped one of my Bosch pumps down, when it seized, due to a really small piece of debris entered the pump. The hydraulic end of the pump sits inside of the Aluminum cartridge and a seal is formed with an “O” ring, and then the end of the cartridge has the splined crimps, to prevent the hydraulic end from being forced out of the cartridge. What I did was to force each of the splines back, by nipping them one at a time, in the corner of the vice, until each one was clear of the hydraulic end. This allowed me to withdraw it from the cartridge an
  3. Hi Chris I don’t know if this will help, but I have just gone through a similar experience, with my six. The car was fitted with a six into two manifold and sports system, when I purchased it many years ago. I have toyed with the idea of changing it to a standard system for many years. I ordered a Falcon system from Moss; I decided to keep the first sections of old pipe from the manifold, so only needed the back sections and transverse silencer. The problem I had was that the two systems were manufactured from different diameter tubing. How I got around the problem, was to order t
  4. Hi I have a used original one in reasonable condition. No discernable wear, you are wlcome to it if it is of use. Brent C
  5. Hi Rob The injector I have fitted on my six came from a Vauxhall Senator. I know these would not be available to day; I did my conversion in 1996. You could look at sourcing a set, from a scrapped 2.5 BMW, as theses are similar to our engines, in that they are the same CC and a straight six. You could then send the injectors to one of the specialists, to have them ultrasonically cleaned and inflow tested, I used a bloke off Ebay, he sent mine back with a before and after chart, showing the improvements gained. The ones I have are yellow and are larger in diameter, than the Luc
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