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  1. Yes, just the standard set up, but new master cylinder and new pads and calipers to the front and aeroquipe hoses to the calipers all round I will be grateful for any further information that may be useful Thanks again, Mac
  2. Good Morning every one. Thank you all so much. I've been away and got back yesterday. I'm so pleased with the responce. At least I have a selection of idea. The first will be the 24 hours of push to the solid pedal. I will keep evryone posted. I think that the rear drums would be the second activity, although that sounds a bit pessimistic, them what do you think about re installing the old master cylinder ? Once again thanks, I will keep you posted on the progress I make. Mackev
  3. Hello to all the members, A sorry situation considering the weather, I cannot take a chance and use the car No matter how many times we bleed the brakes we still have a soft pedal. After the second application in succession of the brake pedal it's perfect. Do you think the new Master cylinder could be faulty ?. Before the overhaul of the system they were fine. Even paying a garage, could not improve them Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  4. mackev

    Cylinder head

    Hi There what was the outcome of the cylinder head, was it useable after all the bead blasting an a molasses solution ? Rgds K J
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