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  1. Hi Stuart, A great suggestion! Now why didn't I think of that... Regards, Denis
  2. Hi ntc, Thanks for your reply. I tried mole grips with a rag in the jaws to protect the pipe but the petrol just kept on dripping! I suppose it could just have been draining out of the pipes. I'll try the clamps tomorrow. Regards, Denis
  3. DenisMc


    Hi Rob, If it is part No 214888, Revington TR appear to have them: https://www.revingtontr.com/search.asp?for=214888&cartype=tr5 I often find that when Moss Europe or Rimmer Bros don't have the part I want Revington TR does. Regards, Denis
  4. Hi ntc, When I started the job today I set the engine at TDC with No 1 cylinder on the ignition stroke. By this I mean that the rotor arm was pointing at the No 1 cylinder electrode in the distributor. Is that correct? I actually made good progress, but was unable to fully clamp off the fuel pipe in the boot. Despite trying various methods the petrol just kept dripping out at the connection with the MU. I obviously need a "fuel tank isolating valve"! For now I have ordered some plastic clamps from Amazon that should arrive tomorrow. Thanks, Denis
  5. Hi Guys, Many thanks all for your answers. I am now clear about what to do and shall remove the MU in the next couple of days. I'll post again when Neil Ferguson reports on his findings.
  6. Thanks ntc for your reply. I am aware of the plastic coupling that connects the MU to the pinion but understand that this just lifts out. Sorry, but I still don't see why I can't leave the pinion undisturbed in the pedestal. Sorry to be a pain here... Thanks, Denis
  7. Thank you for your suggestions. I have looked in the various manuals that came with the car and am now clear about checking the timing of the MU. One question though. All of the manuals mention that once the MU is removed the next step is to remove the pinion from the pedestal. Is it necessary to do this? I am planning to set the engine at TDC with No 1 cylinder on the firing stroke and simply remove and eventually refit the MU, leaving the pinion undisturbed. Thanks, Denis
  8. I haven't checked that. How do I do it please?
  9. Thanks Roy and Harry for your tips. I am going to have a go at it in the next couple of days and will try clamping one of the pipes in the boot. Regards, Denis
  10. Thank you Roger, Ian and Neil for your prompt and most helpful replies. Roger, my local garage checked the CO at my request. Pleasingly, the car sailed through the MOT test. Neil Ferguson has been in touch by email and following a discussion has suggested that I send the MU to him for a calibration check along with the injectors for a functional test. I have not removed the MU before but having looked at the workshop manual it seems to be straightforward. A concern I do have is whether I am going to have a flood of petrol when I release the fuel line due to the "head" difference between the pe
  11. Hi All, A Happy New Year to you! I suspect that my TR5 is running rich. This was somewhat anecdotal at first as a friend following me on a run out told me that there was a smell of petrol from the car. However, at a recent MOT test my local garage tested the CO and it was 7.012. They thought that it should be near to 3. The Lambda was 0.807. I have searched this forum for help but can't find anything specific enough. Carl of Prestige Injection has been most helpful in advising me and I have picked up some suggestions from the forum. This is what I have done to date: Checked the
  12. My TR5 has 15" x 5.5" wide 72 spoke chrome finish wheels. They look very nice against the Royal blue paintwork. It is fitted with 195/65 R15 tyres. This is what came with the car when I bought it in August last year. I understand that with this set up the rolling radius is similar to what would have been on the car originally. You might find this previous thread of use: Regards, Denis
  13. A fantastic effort and what a lovely car! Well done.
  14. Hi Alistair, Before I bought my TR5 in August last year I arranged for Brian Page of Classic Assessments to assess it. He also looked at an earlier car, which following his report I decided not to go ahead with. He advertises in TRACTION but can be contacted on 07968 167331, brian.page@classicassessments.com. Website: www.classisassessments.com. He did a very through inspection of both cars and provided written reports and valuations. Regards, Denis
  15. It was sold under the hammer for £34k. With the commission and VAT that would make £38,488, which I would have thought is about right for this particular car. Regards, Denis
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