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  1. Thanks all for the advice, i sense the OLE in mine isn't right to start with. Measure once cut twice.. Nigel.
  2. Hi All, Is there a knack to bonnet alignment..or a sequence the fixing points should be adjusted..? thx in advance.. Nigel.
  3. Hello Short topic..resolved with a pint and blinding logic..and a bit of bad language..
  4. Hi had a leak on a gasket so decided to overhaul the carbs.. Going really well, except now on final assy, i can't get the jet to line up with the needle, is there a knack to this? the needle assy seems to have a lot of float..so doesnt self centre? any help appreciated.. thx Nigel.
  5. Hi Ian.. Just tried to send a PM, but get response that you cannot receive messages?
  6. Hi.. Standard 8 and 10 spares company appear to have NOS till available if interested.. as fitted to standard vanguard. £29.00 and spit's.. Telephone : usually Ansaphone (sorry) 01225 835565 email: 8and10spares@standard8n10spares.co.uk Nigel.
  7. Hello, Would anyone happen to have a copy of the Newtronic/Piranha fitting and setup instructions they could forward to me? Thanking you in advance.. regards Nigel
  8. Lee I just fitted mine and the round feature on the end of the seal is inside the car along the surrey frame, so its a finishing trim for the gap inside rather than a water seal, in my case.. Nigel.
  9. Hi Lee, My surrey has a similar strip to Tims original pics.. Unfortunately no makers label.. Doesn't appear particularly water seal design..perhaps wind noise reduction..so you only have to talk very loudly rather that shout at each other when driving.. Nigel H
  10. If its happening on the move, might be worth checking UJ's on drive shafts, dry or worn?
  11. Agree.. Just in the process of fitting the TR Shop wool carpets myself..nice finish and fit.. Nigel H
  12. Hello Dennis Father Christmas delivered me a new black carpet set, because my floor panel carpets are shot, I am replacing all the panels.. I have looked and the panel that's in the car you refer to, and its in good nick, would be pleased to remove it carefully and post it, if you need a black one..and don't mind used..FOC. Nigel.
  13. Hi to all, Replacing gearbox and diff seals in the next month..as they are both weeping.. Would anyone have recommendations on best oils to use..i seem to recall comments on the forum regarding oils that make gear change smoother and diff noise less..not that anything is wrong, but, would appreciate experiences from members..rather than buying the usual brands.. thanks Nigel H
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