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  1. Does that work similar to Bat-Anti shark Spray ?..kapow!!
  2. Thanks David, Just wondered if anybody had stamps similar to original. Would be glad to pay someone for the service if so.. Nigel H..
  3. Keith, the ideal charge rate is 'capacity' divided by 8 so your 10% is not so far off..you should charge at no more that 'capacity' divided by 5..and not for extended periods. A battery boffin described it to me as 'charge memory'..the rate that gives the deepest charge condition(best density of electrons alignment)..not too fast , not to slow.... Sealed for life was also an interesting development, basically to stop topping up of fluids and hence eventually the battery would die. Many of the employees at the battery company would flush their car battery annually and refill with acid and had batteries with 10 years + life. Nigel H
  4. Hi Would anyone know where I may be able to get Chassis and Body plates stamped with correct letter stamp styles? Also a source for a new body plate (half round at both ends) Thx Nigel H.
  5. Hello Keith The good old lead acid battery was the mainstay of the world for several decades. sadly, someone realised that involving calcium in the equation allowed smaller cheaper batteries to be developed giving enhanced starting characteristics.. However, calcium based batteries need as ROBH said, more than 14,8 volts to charge effectively which most older version chargers simply don't provide.(typically 13.5 - 14v), Especially when fully discharged, Some 40 years ago I began my career as a design draughtsman for a battery company. One of the older designers at that time said to me " someone is going to pee on a rock and get 12v out of it..when they do we will all be out of a job.' To your point, I've just had to buy smart charger for my BMW,, my charger of 20 years burned out when I tried to use it, Sometines, technical advancement is not always at the benefit of the consumer. Nigel H
  6. Thank you all.. Time to get the meter out and find out what all these spare connections are connected too.. Will be wiring in to main beam with relay. I believe fogs can be a separate switch..as per modern cars..dont quote me.. Nigel.
  7. JJC I have an RB106/2 dated apr 64 if you want it..was working perfectly when I took it off the car. Its been boxed up in the Garage..generally good condition..needs a clean.. Don't want anything for it..just cover postage, if you are interested let me know. I'll package it and send u a PM with the post cost.. Nigel H
  8. Hi Not sure there is an exact science here with all the variables. When I bought my car the PO mentioned the surrey (fabric) top was tight to fit.. the cover fitted and located well at the centre of the front screen, but was very difficult/tight at the doors. I tweaked the centre frame ends you mentioned, as it was high on the windows as well and hence very tight.. One of the press studs on the rear window frame had been replaced and moved slightly backwards which also didn't help at the front. Nigel H.
  9. Jags and Healeys running 2" SU's were offered with 'red'(common on many SU carb sizes) and particularly 'black' springs too, only 4.5 oz, probably to improve the lift problem mentioned earlier? Nigel H.
  10. Hi, 576's were a common fitment throughout the 50's and 60's..apparently from 62 the lucas logo had a ribbed finish and not smooth. According to t'internet they were produced till the early 80's..but looked a bit old fashioned by then. Interesting post.(didn't know about the date coding)..Ive just had a pair of 'flamethrowers' as a surprise birthday prezzy to fit to my 64 car. My loom looks like it has bullet connectors spare at the front for the purpose of spot lamps (feeding from main beam feed?)..would that be correct? Or would separate switch/relay/wiring be a better option? thx Nigel H
  11. Oil pressure relief mech might do with a clean out. Might be sticking..? Nigel H.
  12. Hi Ron, Try stripping back and replacing the spade connector on the wire connection too..it may be causing a high resistance in the circuit.. Nigel H.
  13. NigelH


    Jase, As mentioned, ceramic coating of the manifold is a huge radiated heat reducer or thermal tape wrap. Improved airflow around the carbs helps a little too.. Not seen any examples of water cooled inlets for TR4's..perhaps more learned members have.. Nigel H.
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