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  1. This would be fantastic if it was to go ahead, Silverstone have just announced that they will be having two races in August but unfortunately no spectators allowed. Mike Redrose Group
  2. Looking good Nigel, I don’t see a problem with installing power steering, if it make it a more enjoyable drive then why not and it all about enjoying yourself in your TR. have a good test drive tomorrow. Mike Redrose Group
  3. H if you need someone to follow you at a distance give me a shout. Mike Redrose Group
  4. Hi all the above and some spare bits hoses, electrical bits, paper overalls, gloves, hand wipes, front wheel bearings and tow rope both these items have been used it the past. Mike Redrose Group
  5. Hi Rich, this sound like a good idea to make life a little easier, could you possibly post some photos. Mike Redrose Group
  6. Hi yes it is a 4a. Mike Redrose Group
  7. Evening I have just replaced my clutch pipe it is 1/4” and is larger than the brake pipes. I had mine from Rimmer Bros and was not that expensive I think it was about £20.. Mike Redrose Group
  8. Happy birthday Bob have a great day. Mike Redrose Group
  9. As a HGV driver not a good idea to have wagons doing the job of a Train, as for keeping us on the inside lane most times we have to move out is for a slow car or one doing 40 in a 50 limit through road works and cars also don’t know that there is a inside lane. And since the lockdown there are less accidents involving HGVs but there are still plenty of us still driving. Mike Redrose Group
  10. Peter also page 9 left to right conversion bulkhead holes. Mike Redrose Group
  11. Peter if you look under the Tr4 section I think it’s the third page look for wiring loom there is a bulkhead that may help you out. Mike Redrose Group
  12. Morning Angus, what are your fixings for you wire wheels they look very nice and a change from the 2 eared fixings could you do a close up photo and how they fix. Mike Redrose Group
  13. You’ve got a bit of work to do on that boot lid to make it look as good as your last TR Pete. Mike Redrose Group
  14. Morning the interior trim is midnight blue but could not get leather in that colour so the closest we could find was a Bentley blue which is a excellent match. With the lockdown you should be able to get quite a lot done, you could start a new topic a show us some photos. Mike Redrose Group
  15. BRENDA1

    Fame at Last

    Hope you have all the parts you going to need, I have made a new list but if I cannot get the parts delivered I’ll just have to wash and polish the car and then look at polishing the under side, Mike.
  16. Morning all thanks for your comments, Fireman049 I like the look of your wheels and have previously looked at going this way but her in doors did not like the look of them,
  17. After looking around and comments from another site it looks like it will be 4.5x15 wheels, has anyone had a set of wheels and tyres from TR London, what make are they etc. The price seems very reasonable compared with other outlets. mike
  18. BRENDA1

    Lost my finger

    That’s a bad day for you both get well soon. Mike & Carole. Redrose Group
  19. Hi Pete yes I like your thread I was into bikes as a16/17 year old but had a accident (not my fault) but in them days if you got hurt mothers did not like it, so bike had to go and she gave me money to get a car so I got into cars and banger racing. It was only a few years ago that considered getting a bike again but with all our other interests I did not happen. Loads of mates have bikes and still like to look at and listen about there stories, so keep you thread going it nice to know what other members get up to when not working on there TRs, Mike Redrose Group
  20. It was good to get out for a good run, no difference in the temp I did queue for a while on the 55 but did not move much and the fan did not come on, but I did test that it was working at the coffee stop. Mike Redrose Group
  21. Hi Pete no room on the rear as I have twin pipes and our club have always put them on the front. Mike Redrose Group
  22. Happy birthday Pinky have a great day all the best. Mike & Carole. Redrose Group
  23. Morning I was just wondering if you took your engine out on its own or did you remove with the gearbox as well. Mike. Redrose Group
  24. BRENDA1

    Oil leaks.

    I have had oil dripping out of the hole in the bottom of the gearbox and thought it was coming from the crankshaft oil seal. I have the gearbox out and inside the housing is covered in oil. I have taken the flywheel off and it is pretty clean and can not see oil on the rear of the flywheel. If it was leaking from the rear seal would it just cover the inside of the bell housing. Also I was thinking of putting a Racetorations oil catch tank on is the connection to the side of the engine just a push fit. Mike Redrose Group
  25. Would have been nice to have seen a big group of TR6s but we are already booked on at Crich Transport Show, so hope someone puts some photos on. Have a good day. Mike. Redrose Group.
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