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  1. As I am sure you are all aware, we will be doing a seminar at the Triumph and MG Weekend on Saturday 14th August at 1.30pm – 2:30pm in the Friesian Pavilion. Sadly this is likely to be my Dad's last seminar before he hands over to myself, although I am sure he will chip in from time to time if/when we do them in the future. If there are any questions or things you would like us to demonstrate please do let us know so we can bring along the right items and display models!
  2. Hi Tony, We have just measured one of our rebuilt ones and they are roughly 3mm at the flange which equates to 0.007" of backlash on the crownwheel as per the workshop manual, so 5mm is a bit excessive but isn't terribly alarming as far as diffs go, well within acceptable limits. Not sure if anyone's recommended checking brakes, as light drag will cause a clunk under the circumstances you mention. If you wind the adjustment pins on the backplates back 2 clicks each side, to slightly slacken the shoes and if you haven't already, my Dad recommends 90/140 Mild EP as modern EPs have a f
  3. Hi Dave, What was the preload/ backlash on the crownwheel like? 4-6 thou of movement is good when rocking the crownwheel when its all assembled with no oil. Tom
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