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  1. There is YouTube video on revington brackets.
  2. Well done Andrew, looks brilliant. Paul
  3. Hi Roger, if you are working on batch of sill, you can put my name down for pair. Good luck, Paul
  4. I traced my cutting out, misfires and poor running down to a faulty ignition switch contacts.When you tap the ignition with screwdriver the engine would misfire or cut out. Good luck Paul.
  5. Jonlar, Demon tweeks sell 4-life, the prod code is CAS4LIFE. Paul.
  6. Matt, I fitted Koyo release bearing onto phosphor bronze carrier and adustable and spring loaded clutch operating rod as used inTR2-4 (RTR 1111) with Revington uprated clutch. Works fine for me.Was going to fit tilton annular clutch release mechanism, was told by Revingtons difficult to set up. Good Luck Paul
  7. Mike Frost do crack testing aerosals, item code N160. Paul
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