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  1. Thanks "littlejim" from Canberra, for shining a light on this problem! I have just replaced my 20th century glowing ignition light with 21st century one & hey presto it goes out when it should & of course comes on at start up! So now have a spare bulb? A 18 ACR/45amp conversion on a TR2, charging a 10 year old boat leisure battery as my rebuild nears completion, when new tyres & battery will be on the list of must haves! Well done Forum! Ian
  2. I had same problem David! So preparing to drop the sump , I jacked up the front to mount it on my (big boy ) ramps, some 300mm up , thought I just start the engine , hey presto 70lbs/squ In on the gauge. Leave it to you techo boys to explain but I reckon I just tipped a bucketfull of oil into the gauge by gravity!!!! good luck
  3. I have ordered one as well . Thanks for info
  4. Hi David I am restoring my TR2 that has a significant dink in its front apron so am interested ! can you send some details to mbe @btinternet.com. Kind regards Ian Bennett
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