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  1. Before i go the route of later calipers on a cost basis for my 3A restoration i am looking at alternatives In Roger Williams book on improving TR2-4's he mentions the use of Toyota 4x4 front calipers as a conversion as they have a greater piston area being 4 over the OEM 2 Anyone done this mod and if so which calipers do you use Regards Adrian Salisbury
  2. Thanks to all who replied so quickly, looks like it is original production line process then. Intend to have shell dipped when panel work finished on the shell , have to find out if this removes the lead work regards Adrian
  3. Just returned to TR's after selling my TR 4 (john Weedon now runs it) with a late 1957 TR3A . It's an ex USA car advertised by the dealer as a 3 but the registrar confirmed what i thought, it was a very early 3A ( did not tell dealer of course!). I imported it back end of 2018 and it's the usual DRY STATE car, if so why am i fitting new floors, sills etc!! Question for you all: One thing that looked good on all the photo's of the car prior to buying it were the door gaps, wing fits etc. From contacting the previous owner its sat around for years before he sold it to a dealer and a lot of the paint appears to be original. When i started on the repairs to the tub first, i found that the door to B post gaps were good because the B post edges have been lead loaded ( a devil to remove the residue to weld new metal to original) under what i believe is the original paint. As i removed the rear wings i found this practice had been continued in the area around the rear lights and down where the rear panel meets the lower rear wing. Was this the practice on the production line in the 50's at Triumph, in those cash strapped times would not have thought so?? Any thoughts anyone regards Adrian
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