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  1. Hi Andrew, If you're changing all the bushes on your front suspension (poly bushes is the way to go) you'll need a total of 20. a) Lower wishbone to fulcrum bracket, there are 2 per susp. b) Upper wishbone to fulcrum pin, there are 4 per susp. c) Lower wishbone to trunnion, there are 4 per susp. For a) & c) the kits usually come with new metal tubes If you want to do a "full job" (as you will have to strip the suspension) i strongly recommend you to change the trunnion sealing rings associated with c), & the seal trunnion to vertical link. Check the rubber boot between the ball joint & the vertical link ( i would change this too) Also go for the poly bushes on the shock absorbers , upper mountings 2 per susp, lower mounting 1 per susp. If you change the spring collar bushes for poly as well then the whole set up is "poly". Make sure there are 2 bolts fixing the each fulcrum bracket to the chassis, a nice thick metal plate behind the bolts will give extra strength. Good luck Mike
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