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  1. Mine are proper ones and the instructions say as above. Polybush Fitting Instructions.docx
  2. FYI: My Polybush instructions say "Use only soapy water or tyre soap to insert Polybushes. "
  3. I lke it. Adds a touch of class IMHO.
  4. I thought it was MK1 or 2 seats that worked. Not sure on roll bar, though. (I have bought Mk1 high back with inbuilt speakers but not yet fitted them as still a long way off that restoration point.)
  5. We are talking about different things. Most kit cars changed the chassis usually to a space frame one and to qualify there were major component rules. Insurance companies neede to also know what they were insuring and were known to reject cover if you insured a false car.
  6. Charlie. I've been in the kit car world for many years. Your explanation is partly correct in that people did what you did but it was illegal and were cought out when there was an insurance claim or similar. There were many warnings of buying a kit car with a V5 that did not match. For the last 20 years there has been an SVA then IVA test so today that cannot happen. Yes, there are rules on minimum main donor items and today it is also called a kit conversation. When you pass the IVA you get a new registration date for your 'new car' and an age related plate based on your donor age and em
  7. Bit difficult the other way around, I suggest.
  8. Having just completed a full restoration of the body tub and chassis with still the rest of the car do now asemble, are you sure all the body panels are all OK? In my case mine was a lot worse than I thought. That cill seems wrong and and is there rust on the inside face of the cill? I see you have a large repair by the dashboard to do too so a paint job in April seems to cut it fine. Is the chassis all OK too especially around the T shirt area where usually there is a lot of rust. Are the shut lines all OK as that could indicate the chassis is not. To me that's a huge gap where the cill
  9. Blasted and POR + 1. IMHO the only option.
  10. Go to eBay and buy a box of mixed O ring sizes - the boxes with O rings in lid as well as box. Always useful and contain those for gearbox as I have just replaced mine with them.
  11. Nowdays, a couple of robots forming a hub to several presses does the same job. How things have changed.
  12. By far the best place to get a battery is from https://www.tayna.co.uk/ Used them many times and really good.
  13. Sort of. Contact https://www.overdrive-repairs.co.uk I have just gone through this exercise and had bought an overhauled by them O/d unit from a show and then bought the new main shaft, adapter plate and some gaskets from them. If you can get an old unit then basically they will sort out a kit. May be worth contacting them anyway. The problem is that I don't think anyone makes new O/d units any more so you need an old one to exchange. You will ten simply need an inhibitor switch so will have to drill the cover on your old gearbox - easy. Also some wiring additions. I bought the O/d u
  14. I'm about to start the re-building of my totally stripped restoration so a timely question too. Having built two kit cars (not the bolt together types) the simple answer is no instructions work for anyone with the best motto in my book being 'just follow your nose'. What seems right is right.
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