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  1. Hi David, Do you mean the inner part of the Colum to which is fitted the steering wheel or the outer tube the latter of which I bought from Moss about a year ago and it was not expensive. Failing that try Ken Mumford, he is clearing out all his spares but might have one. Rgds Tom.
  2. Now that is interesting. Currently all my contact details are available to the moderator and "The Management" and are all up to date including my email, phone number and probably my address as I am a nominated concours judge for the register. What your posting tells me is that for some registered here, not all of this info is required to post, which is not a good idea if the reason for a change is sound. Perhaps a better way would be to modify the registration procedure? Of key importance is the view that a public forum on the internet is some how a safe and cosy environment because like minded enthusiasts converse, exchange views and help one another. It is not a safe place at all. Everything we post is data mined, and stored by 3rd parties. Using a handle (I did not know this was the term until Mick mentioned it) devalues the information collected because the handle does not exist as an individual whereas a name adds value. There is also the question of security of data stored here. If the customer data held by BA, and several large banks can be hacked then I suggest so can smaller organisations. Thus the separation of name and handle would work to reduce and consequences of a breach. Rather like separating your CC number and the last 3 security digits when buying stuff online. And, this my final observation, having a picture and a name is unwise, (except in the case of RogerH that is ;-). So just because the JDC and PCGB do it, it is not reason enough to adopt it given the inherent issue with the internet. Lets hope it has been thought out properly and is not a whim and that in voting the facts are properly presented and clearly understood by all prior to the vote.
  3. Hi Mick, I thought I had been usurped but as Roger pointed out red6 is not Red 6!!!! This is the problem when your computed stores your ID and PW and then the hard disc poops out and you have to enter it manually....and forget what it was, and cant find the piece of paper it was written on 16 years later. I chose Red 6 because my TR6 was Red, (as was almost every TR I have owned). The problem I have with using my real name on anything connected to a public forum on the internet is that it is so easy just to type that name into google and within seconds you can find all sorts of stuff unless it is a false name or just a handle. Anyway I look forward to becoming Red 6 again and will keep my name a secret. Regareds, Tom...............................DOH!!!!!!!
  4. No luck, I tried that so will wait for the response from the forum admin. I hate passwords!
  5. Doh!!!! Red 6 with capitals and spaces. I will try that
  6. Hi Roger, It has been a while, as I have not joined in any conversations. In fact I wanted to update my contact details plus post about my 3a when this occurred. I have messaged my problem to the forum administrator so hopefully can get this all sorted out as I do not want to be red7!!!
  7. no it isn't its me! Red 6 aha there is the confusion!
  8. Because I have always been red6 which I happen to like and everyone knows me as Tom. Including all at the N London group.
  9. Ok, firstly ignore the red7 it is really me Red6 but I have had to become red7 because for some reason I cannot log in as red6!!!!! but I will sort this out next week. So I have been rebuilding my UK pre 6000 Tr3a for about 3 years and can go no further due to other more pressing commitments and I thought I would offer it here first. Briefly it is a 1960 pre 6000 UK car. The previous owner (a friend) used the car almost every day for 40+ years and I bought it to restore it. The present situation is the car has been stripped, shot blasted and the chassis rebuilt and is painted to within an inch of its life. The body tub had all the rust cut out and replaced with new panels and sections ie the battery box and rear chassis mountings etc then painted in signal red. The engine bay is particularly shiny. The engine has been rebuilt with new pistons and liners, water pump, oil pump, and all the bits that wear plus the head is unleaded. The gearbox is a TRGB rebuilt item. The chassis/ engine/ gearbox/running gear/ Stainless steel exhaust etc has been mated with the painted body tub, the panels fitted with the door gaps set. Plus the plumbing for the brakes and fuel line are in place with the callipers and new brake drums fitted with new parts and brake pads. The wheels are the original steel item with recent tyres and all blasted and painted. Most of the body shell is in primer with the rear of the car almost ready for paint. Most of the ancillary items are painted and ready to fit plus the chrome work is rather nice with most of it being re chromed by Ken Mumford who has seen the car at almost every stage of it's restoration. There are lots of new parts inc a wiring loom and lots of receipts from Moss. I am open to offers but think it is well worth £13K which is less than I paid for it plus the parts! if anyone is interested then send me a PM. The car is in Enfield and I have "lots" of pictures. Regards, Tom. ps forgot to add that it also has a steel hard top as well as a hood, plus the side screens are from Ken Mumford.
  10. I have been on here since Adam, but I cannot log on with my red6 name so I have had to become red7 hopefully only on a temporary basis so when you see red6 it is really me red6!!!!! That is all.
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