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  1. Well, I was finally able to check out the TR4 wiring today. BTW, the car did start and drive fine, and turn signals were working. Just no headlights and OD. I removed the dip switch, and found a wire off. Back on, the headlights now working. Yay! Was't able to drive the car though, so not sure about the overdrive yet. Hopefully later this week, weather allowing. Would be nice if that fixed the OD too. Thanks again to all for your feedback!! Tom
  2. I realized today that the headlights in my '63 TR4 stopped working. And the overdrive also stopped working. I'm very new to this car and not familiar with the electrical system. Thinking things through, I did just finish working on two things related to my electrics: 1.) I just added a battery charger cable/lead to the battery. In doing so, I did touch the wrench to a ground by mistake, creating a spark. 2.) I relocated my dip switch (up higher) to create a dead pedal spot for my left foot . Both fuses appear OK. And reading a few forum entries here on Triumph Experience, I understand the TR4
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