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  1. I suppose it depends what it owes you, and would you recoup the cost of the conversion, I think not, if you are going to sell in the near future.
  2. Hi Simon Are you prepared to travel, and how far. I am in Staffordshire and a good friend of mine comes highly recommended.
  3. Hi Glen Welcome to the Forum. Check out the members cars for sale on here, you might just pick the right car. Good luck
  4. Paul Hill


    Very simple fix but me being thick. It was the throttle bodies not in sync played about with the adjusters hey presto
  5. Paul Hill

    Paint Job

    Nice looking Sprint. It does look Mimosa, can’t be certain off a photo
  6. Paul Hill

    Paint Job

    Totally agree Andrew the Dolly Sprint did indeed look cool In Mimosa especially with black Rostyle’s ps also with Black vinyl roof and a few other black accents ’
  7. Paul Hill

    Paint Job

    Yes Stuart he is a top man. He did a proper job of his A35 van he uses for adverts. It is immaculate I am going to take it to a few shows this year
  8. Paul Hill

    Paint Job

    When I bought my car I did notice two areas on the bonnet and did get a reduction when the deal was agreed. Wind on 18 months and I just could not live with these two blotches and a few paint reactions. I asked my friend who has a body shop and he agreed to strip and repaint the bonnet over Dec and Jan as a hospital job. When he started to strip the areas of concern this is what was uncovered So Steve lead filled them and resprayed the bonnet and both sides as perfectly matching Mimosa Yellow was really difficult but I think he did did good, the car now looks awesome, and I cannot wait for better weather The boot lid and scuttle was not painted the match is spot on
  9. Someone over on Pistonheads is trying to find the Owner, as it was someone he knows, the grandfather restored it in 2011 /12 it was sold after rhe grandfather died in 2013
  10. Just a bit of bling to brighten up the engine bay Yellow HT leads
  11. Paul Hill


    Mine as always idled at 750 rpm
  12. Paul Hill


    Thanks Andrew will try that Paul
  13. Paul Hill


    Yes Gareth injector pipes are fine. I did think it may be getting some air from somewhere. Re the paint the guy is very good.
  14. Paul Hill


    Hi Guys As you might have seen my car as been at the body shop for about 5 weeks, they did start up about Three or four times but I think they let it run on the choke till warm. Now when I picked the car up it’s was really low on fuel so decided go and fill her up now as I pulled away it was popping and misfiring like a good un put the fuel and it seemed better so when I got home I checked and cleaned the plugs no 6 was wet. Took her out for an Italian tune up and it run better but a little hesitant, got back on the drive but will only tickover at 500 rpm . I put a new set of plugs in but it still the same. It was running well before it went in
  15. Collecting my car tomorrow after some work done to the bodywork, my mate emailed me some pics
  16. Going to be welcoming home Yellow Peril on Saturday after a month long stay at my mates body shop, I was never happy with the bonnet and few other areas which after looking at the car on Tuesday is not far off concourse, plus the garage floor is complete in Mimosa Yellow. Pics when it happens
  17. Paul Hill

    tr6 misfire

    In other words give it a good thrashing.
  18. The car is at my mates body shop as I was never totally happy with the bonnet a few places where it reacted. So while it’s away I thought paint the floor to match the car Mimosa Yellow
  19. Paul Hill

    Finally painted

    Good taste on the wheels Waldi and the rest looks good.
  20. Paul Hill

    ORR 32L

    A chap on Pistonheads was enquiring on the TriumphForum if anyone knows the whereabouts of his old TR6, he restored it with his dad. It’s Red or was originally Red Registration is ORR 32L
  21. Can’t help, but welcome to TR6 ownership. Be prepared to spend money, but you do get to smile a lot.
  22. Mimosa Yellow its the best colour Angus, jury’s is out on the spoiler
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