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  1. I had shielded the lines and had shields on the exhaust pipes. The fuel got so hot, you couldn’t touch the fuel rail comfortably. I live in Phoenix, so heat is a big issue. Now, the rail is a bit cooler than the plenum.
  2. That is how I did it, however, with fuel pumping around in a big circuit with both lines in the T shirt area, the fuel got wicked hot. I have subsequently rerouted one line out of that area. My neighbor, who is a big time hot rod guy, is doing something completely different on his 57 vette. The pump and the regulator are in the tank. A MAP line is connected from the manifold back to the back of the car to a fitting on the side of the tank which then goes to the regulator. Only the pressure referenced fuel line goes to the fuel rails. Cuts down on noise, return lines, etc and is much safer. Most ECU's have a air purge code upon initial start up so that isn't a problem.
  3. All in would be dual masters and discs from GoodParts., Ted at TSI can make bespoke pads or shoes out of differing compounds so front and rear have same material. KFP magnum gold material works good on the street (good coefficient of friction when cold), but many would consider them messy.
  4. Email me at gimpsunlimited@gmail.com
  5. Sure, took pictures but they won’t upload from my phone. They are about 3.8 MB each but still fail to upload even just one.
  6. Ian, I did six mega jolt kits 13/14 years ago. This was from the first customer’s car. I still have the drawings. Fabbed out of some scrap al plate, small piece had groove milled in it for the sensor, the other plate milled to get height correct, the sensor set with the gap for EDIS. Used existing holes on front plate. As for the position of the missing tooth/trigger wheel, way back then, yes it mattered for mega jolt or mega squirt. As for now, IDK.
  7. Something along this line, perhaps?
  8. Dissimilar metals with an electrolyte solution equal battery/corrosion. Change coolant like you should and consider, https://www.northernfactory.com/knowledge/sacrificialcaps. Modern cars have aluminium, cast iron, plastic etc in the coolant loop. Coolant ages out because of this.
  9. How many clicks do you get when you pull up the handbrake? If more than four, adjust the rear brakes so that it takes three clicks. The difference can be dramatic. The front discs may get pad knockback after cornering. Front bearing spacer kits will relieve this problem. All in is four pot vented front brakes, rear discs, and dual master cylinders with balance bar. Then, of course, sticky tires like Potenza RE-71's. But, it's a lot money.
  10. Yes, I know that americans aren't bright enough to know which knobs are who (I mean which) without a sign, but, if you have a TR6 wherein the plinth was broken out at the mount holes, here is my video on the repair. As for the whole assembly, I will have a working prototype in 2 weeks and will post pictures of it.
  11. The big issue with the plinth is that the mount holes get broken out and then you can't put it back in. I offer a 3-D printed replacement of the large plastic piece which the mount holes get broken out of. All the other parts swap over. Video soon to show process. Soon, very soon, I will offer a complete assembly that is same size, shape, words, backlighting for nighttime, but the clear lucite part will be flat not rounded, the lighting will be white LED, and there will be 3 small buttons holding the lucite piece in place.
  12. That's the rub, from the US to the UK, first class parcel is cheapest. So, about $13.50. So, $27 to ship $17.49 in parts. Insane.
  13. Currently updating website. Price for caps reduced over 10% to $17.50. Problem is Her Majesty's taxing schemes. Best that we can figure out is that an item plus it's shipping has to be below 18 GB or you poor sods will pay through the nose. Open to suggestions that don't include falsifying customs information. On another note, we will be posting a new video concerning late model heater control plinth repair. If the large black plastic part of the plinth has cracked out it's mounting holes, we have a 3D printed replacement part. Swap over your wires, light bulb holder pieces, light bar and clip. The new part is reinforced in the mounting hole area and increase in thickness of webs. Quite robust. Estimated delivery 6-8 weeks. $59.99 As for the heater control plinth assembly, we will offer a complete assembly similar in appearance and function but not exactly the same. Estimated 3 months to offering.
  14. I welded a small plate to the inner door structure so I could screw these into the door. My door pulls work great and are at the perfect angle and size to rest my arm.
  15. I designed and had a Alloy tank fabricated with a attached swirl pot etc. The attachment points in my opinion and my fabricators opinion are a concern for fatigue cracking down the road. My attachment points were both longer and angled to spread out the loads not in a straight line, and out of a softer alloy than the rest of the tank. It would be easy enough to fabricate my design out of steel but I think the fatigue cracking of especially the side plates would warrant a load distribution scheme.
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