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  1. Looking to get some input / advise on a 1961 Triumph TR3A that I am looking to rebuild the engine to make a fast street car. I'd like input on larger Pistons (cast or forged), Connecting Rods (stock or forged), Crankshaft (stock, nitride, billet steel), how to strengthen the bottom-end 3 main bearings to make it strong, and reliable (bullet proof, if possible). What modifications would be recommended for the cylinder head? Target HP would be about 160hp (more if possible) I haven't decided if Naturally Aspirated or Supercharged is the way to achieve these goals, but would like to keep redline at 5000 rpm. This will be a fast street car, and not a track car. I've heard that the Judson supercharged TR3s were putting out close to 200hp. Not sure how true that is, but I see that Moss has a nice supercharger set up for the TR3 (a bit pricey, but looks like it would be an option provided the bottom end can be built strong enough to handle the supercharger, and limit boost to 5-6psi). Drivetrain would be converted over to a 5spd manual, and a Limited Slip Differential, either a Quaife or Gripper to handle the added power (need to do more research on this). All input is welcome!
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