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  1. jfg

    Paint codes

    Thanks for the info charts, very helpful
  2. I'm deciding to do a two tone respray on my tr7 build. I've decidedon silver and graphite or gun metal grey. To keep it Triumph i'd like to use colours that were originally applied up to 1976. It doesn't matter what model the coliurs were used on. I'm also unsure if and when metallics were used. All help appreciated.
  3. jfg

    front inner wings

    i saw it on robsport but i think it was £170 and that's just too much considering i could fabricate something suitable. unfortunately this restoration has a small budget so i'll only buy panels that i cant fabricate.
  4. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    i got the wing into the garage to begin to restore it. The new steel wheel arch arrived from robsport. really nice panel too. I couldn't fininsh it today and all i have left is to trial fit it to get the lower section curves correct and the door gap correct. aswell as fabricate the right angle section which welds the wing to the bodywork along the bonnet line.
  5. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    can someone tell me what this captive nut is for? it's in the front edge of the sill.
  6. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    today was meant to be full and final welding of the new steel in the osf wheel arch. brand new roll of wire was wound so tight the welder could not pull it through. i had to manually wind it on a dozen turns at a time for 5 seconds weld!!! so i just stitched the new steel in place and will get a new bottle of gas for the big roll of gas wire that i have in the loft. needless to say not a happy man this bank holiday.
  7. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    just some of the bits i need to fabricate. the wing needs repairs that dont include mesh and fibreglass
  8. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    holes upon holes
  9. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    further inspection with the grinder revealed sporadic rust over a larger area, so the metal i grafted in will act as a stiffener for now. i wasn't happy with the weld anyway so i'll remove and replace as i go.
  10. jfg

    front inner wings

    i'm going to try to make a replacement panel. see my build thread for more info
  11. thanks, i spoke with a fixings supplier who confirmed what you said
  12. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    i received the brake caliper refurb kit on the weekend so both calipers are now refurbished and painted a lovely gold colour. I also started cutting out the rot and grafting in fresh steel. The fun has begun
  13. so an update. i received a unc thread file today with sizes 11-24 on it. the bolts have a pitch of 18tpi. Here comes my lack of memory of non metric fixings/fastenings. How do i write the size of an 8mm bolt with 18tpi thread? m8 just brings me to metric.
  14. I started chopping the rot out in the engine bay on the drivers side and discovered i need a replacement turret top and inner wing / wheel tub. Looking on rimmers rb7356 seems close but looks too narrow. Is this the correct piece? I need a wheel arch outer aswell but i know which panel that is.
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