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  1. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    Things have just been put on hold for a few months with the resto. We found a house that has ample space for a 7m x 5m garage build. While the sale process happens i have to put it back together (loosely) to move to storage.
  2. jfg

    Reverse Pop

    1st job, take the plugs out. They will tell you what is going on inside. Next check the distibutor cap and rotor arm. Finally carburettor if you don't find the fault with the first two.
  3. my porsche runs 13.8v when revved. it has no driving negligible affect. i haven't put the trickle charger in it for 2 years. I don't run any ancillaries and rarely is it out in the dark or bad weather. electrical drain is at a minimum. After shorting my brand new alternator 2-3 years ago i had it refurbished. cheaper than a new one and keeps these old school skilled guys in business. if you're not sure whip it off and give it to someone who refurbs auto electrical components
  4. The photo below shows the current positive power configuration on my tr7. the thick red goes from the battery to the starter motor with the 2 browns piggy backed into the cable which then power the fusebox onwards. I'm going to replace the main thick red live feed but what options are there for attaching the brown lives without piggy backing the middle of the red cable? a simple screw on to the battery clamp?
  5. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    Thanks for the tips. The holes are up on the n/s/r wheel tub not in the the spare wheel well. There was snapped steel patch covering the holes but it had no markings or signs of what it may have been for.
  6. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    I fitted the outer rear sill (behind the wheel) on the passenger side after repairs to the inner sill piece and a bit on the lower wheel tub section. Does anyone know (from the pic below) what, if anything is originally fitted to the wheel tub inside the boot on the passenger side?
  7. jfg

    Tr7 Floor Pans

    If you have the replacement floorpans it should be straightforward to see how much you need to remove. The pans are spot welded under the sill, across the chassis legs and up and around the transmission tunnel.
  8. Glad you found it. i was going to trace mine for you tomorrow when i spin the car around.
  9. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    I have put the replacement front clip on and lined it up nicely. Now i can turn the car around and start the passenger side next. Before i do that i need to refit all of the running gear, then take it all off again when its turned around. I cleaned up the rear axle today and found a whole load of numbers. Anyone know what they identify to? i'll assume some is about the diff itself, 1 a serial number but what about all of the others? There is also a cg number and a number beginning with 88 i think. I'm not sure the diff plate is supposed to look like this. looks like i'll
  10. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    Only a couple of jobs today. I bought a panel from rimmers that came yesterday. However it looked like it had been at the bottom of an industrial oven for 20 years. I put a healthy dose of degreaser on and left it overnight. I fitted that (piece behind front bumper that joins the 2 chassis rails) panel and cleared the old scrap metal. Also finished off some of the minor rust in the passenger side headlamp area. nearly forgot, i picked up a set of mg tf? wheels. I trial fitted them to the front struts/hubs that are in the shed. The pcd is correct. I will need to put a 185 or 19
  11. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    i had not been looking forward to removing the front panel but after looking at it today it was a lot easier than i expected. The old one was shot and beyond reasonable repair, as you may be able to tell from the picture below. I bought a replacement from robsport a while ago. It only needed minmal repair.
  12. Where did you get the materials/tools and what burner did you use? I've always wondered what it would be like to do it
  13. jfg

    Brake bleeding

    How did you bleed them? On/off at the pedal or a vacuum bleed? Did the reservoir run to low while doing it?
  14. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    I made a nice motivational step forward today. The inner wing and the hidden side of the wheel tub have been painted, in the acky orange/red. It's mostly hidden and will be wax oiled inside once complete so i'm not bothered about it. It also saves the paint from going to waste. I can weld the wing back on on Monday and the car will be monocoque whole again. On another plus the guards red came today and it's perfect. So much deeper and richer red.
  15. jfg

    FHC rebuild

    As for the paint, i found a piece with original paint on that is exposed enough now. I polished it up nice and bright. It is a spot on match to the new paint i used on the inner wing when compared side by side.
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