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  1. Hi all, Thanks for the responses thus far. I am based down on the south coast in Hampshire, answer to the name of Jon but known as JP. The car is not currently residing with me as I have not had a garage, I have just rectified that issue so it will be joining me shortly. Your answers have given me some clues so I will be looking at fuel flow to the pump and tank condition, although I do suspect fuel lines maybe too near the exhaust. I will report back back findings, so wish me luck. All the best Jon (JP)
  2. Many thanks, Could i ask for you to expand a little on the details of what pump, filter etc please?
  3. Hi there, I have a Tr6 with EFI and Emerald ECU. I have owned it for a couple of years but am now in a position to try and sort it out. When I last was tinkering it started and ran fine, however when driving it it only ran for a mile or so before screaming from the boot and it spluttered to a halt. i strongly suspect the fuel system so can any of you advise what the ideal set up would be? If you could give me an overview from tank to injectors (and back again) that would be ideal. i have tried to read as much on the forum as I can and have a very little knowledge so treat me as
  4. Hi Rob, I am the owner now, I have owned it for a couple of years. What can you tell me about the car. Regards JP
  5. Hi Rob, I now own that car. I am based in Hampshire not that far from you. What can you. Tell me about the car. Thanks JP
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