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  1. I have them, they take some time to fit as they are very tight, and need to be carefully fitted so they don't distort. I am dreading the time I take them off, as the "barbs" will have taken paint off the wheels. Great as a cosmetic refurb, but I will remove mine next year and get my wheels blasted and powder coated. Cheers Mark.
  2. Hi Chris, Don't know the size, but just got some from Chris Witor - cheap as chips, and he has a good reputation. Cheers. Mark.
  3. Nigel, I have ordered from Chris Witor.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Turns out it is number 2 fuel line that is blocked, no fuel coming through at all. Will take off the metering unit, replace the banjo o rings and blow out the fuel line. The joys of owning a TR6
  5. Thanks for that Colin, The injector o rings should be ok as they have just been reconditioned by Neil Ferguson. The problem is (I think) that the banjo o rings on 2 and 5 cylinders are breaking up and clogging those two injectors. Will order replacements from Rimmers. Thanks for your time, much appreciated. Regards. Mark.
  6. Morning all. A very simple question. Is there a technique to removing the circlip on the end of the injector ? Can the circlip be reused ? If not, where can I buy them from ? Thanks all. Mark.
  7. Hi Keith, You say everything is new, did you check and adjust the clearance on the servo pushrod ? If it is not set properly, the brakes can be a real pain to bleed. Cheers. Mark.
  8. Has anyone got any idea why my drivers side tailpipe gets far hotter than the passenger side ? I have fitted exchange injectors today, so I know the engine is firing on 6 cylinders Cheers.
  9. Yes, I had read this. Pretty sure you would be ok for a 2 mile tow though.
  10. Hi Dex, Thanks for your reply. You've convinced me to remove the spoiler before I venture out. When you were towed to the service station, was it a tow rope, or solid (articulated) steel bar ? Thanks.
  11. Thanks both for the replies. I have converted my TR6 back to Pi and need to take it out on it's first (very local) run. It has a front spoiler fitted, so has no access to hook up a winch line to tow it up onto a trailer, hence the question as to whether a TR6 can be recovered by an RAC van that has the hydraulic towing cradle / dolly. cheers. Mark.
  12. Hello All, Has anyone had any experience of being towed home by an RAC van that is equipped with the towing dolly / cradle. My understanding is that they can only use these on certain cars, depending on the measurement from the front wheel centreline to the front of the bumper. Thanks in advance. Marl.
  13. Hi All, Probably a long shot, but it would be really good to get in touch with previous owners of my 1971 TR6. I purchased the car a couple of years ago and would love to find out more history on it, whether that be good or bad). Does anyone recognise the reg number ? the car is Damson CP. Cheers. Mark.
  14. Maybe worth swapping 1 and 2 injectors round to see if you still have the problem on #2 line. Mark.
  15. Hi James, Your bumper is sitting higher than mine, just measured mine at 30 mm. Cheers. <ark.
  16. Bruce, That is the one that came off my servo (minus the offtake tube that snapped off). Mark.
  17. Hi Conrad, Thanks for that. I will try TD Fitchett Ltd first and get back to you if they can't sort me out, Cheers, Mark.
  18. Trouble is, all the suppliers seem to be selling different aftermarket servos, probably all with different size non return valves.
  19. Hi Phil, Thanks very much for that info, I will give them a call tomorrow. Mark.
  20. Hi John, Sorry, the photo is of the old broken valve. The new one from Moss was part number 18G8953 the diameter is 23mm. Any ideas ? Mark.
  21. Hi all, I have a problem, in that, I have a broken servo non return valve, this is the valve that "push fits" into the servo. I ordered a replacement from Moss, but the diameter is too big. Any ideas where I can get one that fits ? see attached pic. I may have to just bite the bullit and order a new servo, if I have to do this, where is the best place to buy one from. I have looked on line - they all look slightly different. Thanks in advance. Mark.
  22. Hi Phil, I jack up the front first and place the axle stands at their lowest, then the same at the back. I do this 3 or 4 times raising the stands each time. Cheers. Mark.
  23. Sean, they are the correct tubes (plated steel) problem was, they were not properly "bonded/sealed into the throttle bodies hence the trace of fuel on the body.
  24. Thankyou Waldi, I was thinking of Araldite, that should seal as well as bond.
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