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  1. Think I may have found the problem. I disconnected the return hose that runs from the PRV to the top of the fuel tank I attached another hose to the pipe on top of the tank and tried to blow down it, no joy. I removed the metal pipe and union from the top of the tank and could blow through it. From what I can make out, inside the tank, there is a tube that runs rearly to the bottom. I must have a blockage in that pipe. Has anyone ever come across this before ? Cheers. Mark.
  2. Hi Niall, one is in the loom, the other is from the pump to the rear wheel arch.
  3. Photo attached of the PRV plumbing, is it right ? Both the pre filter and post filter are new. The pump is getting hot. Tank is 1/4 full. Thanks. Mark.
  4. Hi Adrian, Tried to phone Revington this afternoon, no answer. Sent them an email, no response. Thanks. Mark.
  5. Thanks for the response Waldi, Battery is fully charged. The pump is making whiring noises (pulsing). Yes, the PRV is connected the right way. I do have a pre filter, and a Bosch post filter fitted, will this filter (after the pump) be a problem? Thanks. Mark.
  6. Thanks for the responses Stuart and Colin, Just started the engine- Initial pressure pulsing between 130 / 140. Then dropped to 110 / 120 (without me doing anything) Then pulsed between 60 / 120 (without me doing anything) Then the engine died, along with my enthusiasm. So I guess it's the pump that's knackered ? Cheers. Mark.
  7. Hi, I am trying to adjust the fuel pressure on my TR6 Pi. I have a Bosch pump and Revington diaphram PRV. I cannot get the pressure below 125psi. Instructions that came with the PRV say screw in to increase pressure, screw out to reduce pressure - which does not make sense to me, should it be the other way round ? I have the pressure gauge connected to a tee piece at the metering unit. Ignition on (engine not started). Wire to coil disconnected. Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, or has anyone else had similar problems. Thanks. Mark.
  8. Keith, Could you enlarge the two holes in the valance and adjust the bumper irons to suit, maybe you could get it 1/4" lower ? Cheers. Mark.
  9. Hi Nigel, Thanks, yes makes sense. I managed to sort it out yesterday. Power feed from rear of ammeter to relay. New wire from relay (in engine bay) to pump. New wire from inertia switch to relay. New earth wire from relay to wiper motor fixing. Everything works as it should. Appreciate your help. Mark.
  10. Hi Nigel, Thanks for the reply, I have nearly sorted it out myself now. I am fitting a wiring/relay kit for a Bosch fuel pump, I have connected the brown/white wire to the ammeter (a real pain). I am now trying to figure out where I connect the white wire that runs from the relay to the fuse box, any idea's ? Thanks. Mark.
  11. Hi, Can anyone recommend a mobile auto electrician in the Northampton area ? Thanks. Mark.
  12. No other vacuum leaks, just started the engine again and now idling at around 900rpm - going in the right direction, still getting popping and banging from the throttle bodies though.
  13. Hi Neil, I have done some more adjustments and applied some grease. Engine now idles at around 1050rpm. Regards. Mark.
  14. Thanks Waldi, Done some more fiddling and idle is now 1050rpm, closing the air screw is still not stalling the engine though. Regards. Mark.
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