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  1. The return is 3/16", I am in the process of replacing mine with copper/nickel pipe. Mark.
  2. Hi Grant, I had leaks from the driveshaft seals and pinnion seal, once I cleared the breather I have had no leaks at all. Cheers. Mark.
  3. I had the same problem last year. It was the breather that was blocked, worth checking that first before spending major money. Mark.
  4. Thanks Harry, It is a refurbed metering unit, so I guess the filter will have been cleaned / renewed.
  5. I am converting my 71 CP back to PI. I have purchased a metering unit supply hose from Revington, but I am not confident that the hose is going to seal against the union on the metering unt - see attached pic. The original hose (still on car) has a flat face inside. any input would be most welcome. thanks. Mark.
  6. Hi Gareth, They do the centre section with the holes for the number plate housing / light. When I ordered, I specified no holes in the rear bumper. Mark.
  7. Finally sorted, with a little (or a lot) of adjustment here and there. I shimmed the rear (of the 3) connecting bolts, that join the return corners to the centre section, and that greatly reduced the "splay". Thanks all for the reponses. Cheers. Mark.
  8. Hi Stuart, Thanks. That's interesting. The car only had a bracket on the nearside. I have a drivers side bracket coming today. Will fit it and see if it makes a difference. Cheers. Mark.
  9. Rich, Will wait until I hear back from Harrington, don't want to risk damaging the bumper (or my rear wings). Cheers. Mark.
  10. Graham, Agreed, don't want to damage it. Mark.
  11. Hi Roger, Have been in touch with Harrington and they say that all their bumpers are checked for angles / dimensions prior to final polishing. They have asked for more photos / dimensions. Something is wrong that's for sure. Cheers. Mark.
  12. Hi Rich, Don't think there is enough "give" to pull in with bolts, think something will bend.
  13. Hi Tom, They came from Harringtons direct. I have sent them photos, they have asked for more along with dimensions.
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