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  1. Sunny day at Brooklands October 2019
  2. Thank you Tom I really do appreciate this advice from you all and will ensure to fit a vacuum advance pipe with a vapour trap, the pictures help enormously, plus it saves me the expense of an alternator... Trevor
  3. Many thanks Rob and yes it is negative earth, the reason I was concerned Pete is that I was told a generator was not 'man enough' for the 123 system (pub talk) and I wanted to be sure before investing in what I think would be an improvement on the conventional points. Trevor
  4. I'm sure that there is a simple answer to this but I have spent the last 2 hours trying to establish if an alternator is required for a 123 ignition system that I am considering fitting to my 4A. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. This might be worth a look... https://www.finditstopit.com/product/find-it-stop-it-vehicle-tracker/
  6. Hi Jo Someone at a classic meeting some years ago who had a similar problem on a 4A told me that they were going to fit slightly different length springs to the rear which they said should cure it, not sure if it did, just a thought.
  7. Small NRV (From Halfords) upstream of the pump works well. Trevor
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