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  1. Thanks to all who replied, I am no mechanic but know one and will gather the tips for him. Will let you know but may be a while, as I am away a few weeks. Gary W TR4 noise
  2. My 4 has developed a constant ticking from the fan dynamo area, bit like a busy sewing machine as my wife says. Tempo increases from idle but does not affect performance. Very tiresome, ideas?
  3. A query to a fellow Pinner resident. My 4 has developed a constant ticking noise from the engine compartment, like a busy sewing machine my wife says. Does not affect performance, but is tiresome to use. Tappets checked. Any ideas?

    1. BlueTR3A-5EKT


      Could be any number of things-a broken timing chain tensioner, a segment in the dynamo commutator come loose, bonnet release spring and plunger rattling, bonnet hinge pins loose and rattling. Water pump pulley loose on the pump shaft. Grille not secure.

      Put the question on the forum and more minds will address it.

      Peter W



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