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  1. Just had another "go" at the spitting! Discovered that the distributor clamp was not tightened and as a consequence had caused the timing to go off!! Have done a quick "tune" and already the spit seems to have gone - going to do a "concentrated" tune tomorrow to see if I can eliminate it once and for all Thanks to everyone for their inputs and ideas Peter
  2. the Italian tune up - at 4000 rpm in 2nd the whole thing "wobbled" seemed to calm down and was as smooth as silk at 2000rpm upwards but at low revs still spitting and spluttering
  3. Thanks all for the comments - will try and find the time to go through each one and eliminate accordingly Will do the Italian tune up first though!!!
  4. Thanks all - think you're right. With the fuel just sitting there over the winter it may have deteriorated. I did have it running stationary over the winter just to keep it "warm" .
  5. Just wondering whether to bite the bullet and re-setup all 3 carbs from scratch!!
  6. Had been running fine - really started when coming out of hibernation. Have changed plugs, just in case, no difference - and HT leads. It has electronic ignition. Air box filters
  7. Some thoughts please as to why this may have started to happen. I have checked the jets and settings on the carb but to no avail. Is running rich, a little, so any thoughts there would be good also Look forward to any help and replies Peter
  8. Can anyone advise which type of adhesive should be used when fixing the above - looks like that is what is needed?
  9. Good afternoon all you home birds Quick question - I have purchased some replacement A post rubbers - the current ones are perished and split - and it looks like I need adhesive to stick them to the frame Suggestion, solutions, ideas - all welcome?? Peter
  10. Sorry folks - in my haste I wasn't paying attention - no points!! Now, checking the timing - any suggestions??
  11. Yes - Luminition system is installed. I only asked about the points as they are still there in the distributor I shall do some more checking and thanks all for the comments
  12. And...........are the points still an integral part of the firing/ignition system??
  13. Brilliant guys - gives me some things to "fiddle" with tomorrow
  14. Thanks folks for the info. - does this mean that the rotor arm isn't needed and also; what is the clicking noise??
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