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  1. Thanks everyone. I have now heard from Malcolm. He tells me he is only doing the underslung throttle linkage unit now.
  2. Thanks for this.I also used the web address - malcolmpdi@yahoo.com. Will try again this week.
  3. Can anyone tell me if Malcolm is still working. His website says he is now part time. I have been trying to email him but no reply and I did get a reply from another supplier of throttle linkages who said Malcolm had stopped working. I k ow he is very highly thought of so hoping he is still doing his magic.
  4. Thanks - sounds like on balance not worth the additional hassle. I probably have enough other things to worry about before thinking about this!!
  5. Currently doing full refurbish of my CR TR6. Reading Roger Williams book he suggests that you can increase the power of the CR model from 125BHP to the CP level of 150BHP by putting in a CP metering unit and cam shaft. I need the MU refurbished anyway and the engine overhauled so wondering it it is worth trying this simple upgrade. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and any pitfalls/problems that might be encountered. Thanks. Andy
  6. Will have a look - thanks
  7. Thanks Alan. Plan to look at throttle linkage rod so hopefully will make balancing bit easier. Thanks for advice re pedal box. Will look at that when I eventually get to the point of putting it back.
  8. Thanks for the advice - all sound very sensible and reasonably straight forward. Is it worth doing anything to the fuel metering unit and injectors?
  9. After a lot of deliberation I bought my TR6 last year. 1973 CR model in Carmine red with 80000 miles - seem to be genuine. It looked OK and ran pretty well so I was just planning some cosmetic upgrades, but as I took more bits off and spoke to other TR owners then, as could have been predicted, I have ended up with a fully dismantled car about to start a full restoration. The body and chassis are about to head off for a heat stripping and then some repair. I have the engine on a stand now and would very much value your collective thoughts on what repairs/improvements/revamps etc I should think about for it. I have some obvious bits to change - spin on oil filter, 123 electronic distributor, new fuel pump but not sure what other bits I should consider checking or upgrading. The engine runs OK - good starter, tick over a little uneven but fine, oil pressure fine. Any advice or hints would be gratefully received. I am based in Tayside. Thanks Andy
  10. Looking for a car with reasonable body work and chassis where I can do some engine and interior improvements. RHD and CP or CR. I was aware of a blue CP in Cumbria and was hoping to view yesterday but got beaten to it.
  11. Wonder if some of you can help/advise. I am looking to buy my first TR6. I live in Scotland so not that many available up here. I have seen one or two down south but would struggle to view them often and wondered about the option of getting a third party such as AA or RAC or private group to do a vehicle check and report as a basis for purchase. Any advise or experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks
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