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  1. Will have a look - thanks
  2. Thanks Alan. Plan to look at throttle linkage rod so hopefully will make balancing bit easier. Thanks for advice re pedal box. Will look at that when I eventually get to the point of putting it back.
  3. Thanks for the advice - all sound very sensible and reasonably straight forward. Is it worth doing anything to the fuel metering unit and injectors?
  4. After a lot of deliberation I bought my TR6 last year. 1973 CR model in Carmine red with 80000 miles - seem to be genuine. It looked OK and ran pretty well so I was just planning some cosmetic upgrades, but as I took more bits off and spoke to other TR owners then, as could have been predicted, I have ended up with a fully dismantled car about to start a full restoration. The body and chassis are about to head off for a heat stripping and then some repair. I have the engine on a stand now and would very much value your collective thoughts on what repairs/improvements/revamps etc I should think about for it. I have some obvious bits to change - spin on oil filter, 123 electronic distributor, new fuel pump but not sure what other bits I should consider checking or upgrading. The engine runs OK - good starter, tick over a little uneven but fine, oil pressure fine. Any advice or hints would be gratefully received. I am based in Tayside. Thanks Andy
  5. Looking for a car with reasonable body work and chassis where I can do some engine and interior improvements. RHD and CP or CR. I was aware of a blue CP in Cumbria and was hoping to view yesterday but got beaten to it.
  6. Wonder if some of you can help/advise. I am looking to buy my first TR6. I live in Scotland so not that many available up here. I have seen one or two down south but would struggle to view them often and wondered about the option of getting a third party such as AA or RAC or private group to do a vehicle check and report as a basis for purchase. Any advise or experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks
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